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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sheer Blouse and Green Salad

I think a sheer blouse is a nice concept but it's awfully fussy to wear.

These blouses from JCrew are fetchingly pretty but they look so delicate. Would they stay tucked in? Rip apart at the seams? What to wear underneath so as not to show off your brassiere? Even with a camisole underneath is it still appropriate to show skin under sheer black or red silk at the office?
Yes I have many questions about this sheer blouse business.

One thing I know for certain is that I love some chopped walnuts on my green salads.
I've been keeping mine in a little jar alongside my Dijon vinaigrette (olive oil, Maldon salt, pepper, white wine vinegar, bit of Maille Dijon mustard and shake).
Toss your greens with the vinaigrette and a sprinkling of walnuts and voila.

I must admit to owning a sheer black silk blouse but mine is from Brora.
It is fussy to wear so it's a dinner-date item for me.
Mine has black polka dots so I wore it with some polka dot tights, black on gray.
I added in a dark gray pencil skirt, black oxford shoes with a heel,
and of course a black camisole underneath.

I hope your weekend is stacking up to be full of fun.

Our son is home for the weekend and it's so great to see him. He's filling us in on the latest in physics research and he's trying to tell me symbolic logic is easy but I'll never believe that, I almost flunked out of it.
We've a party to go to tonight and I have my outfit all planned, should I share the details with you tomorrow?

Have Fun and Be Good!


  1. Of course, you should, there would be a riot if you didn't - Dani BP's keeping outfits from us! No, no we can't let that happen !

    I never buy blouses anymore, over the years they have continually show themselves to be the garment that I don't wear and that just isn't me and which hang unworn in my wardrobe. Funnily enough my mum said the same thing today - at 89. She had a bagful for me to take to the charity shop.
    I did say to her "And it's taken you how many years to work that out mum?" She needs Frock Philosophy!

  2. I love the title of this post! But I must say, it skews a little heavy on the sheer blouse side. I'm not a fan of the blouse with flouncy bow look, but yours is classy and understated.
    Enjoy your son!

  3. Dani,i like your blouse very much.You look very chic.I wear mine (Margaret Howell)with a Brora short sleeve,fitted cashmere sweater on top then I don't need to fret about the see-through-ness.regards Sue

  4. I like your blouse, I agree with Tabs about blouses though -- it's not a garment I wear much either, mostly because I can never find a blouse that fits my frame, long arms and long torso properly. There's always one thing that is off with the fit. I really like some of the blouses on the Saks and Bergdorf Goodman sites but can't justify spending the money if blouses don't fit right! Sigh.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Almost my entire professional work wardrobe is separates so I've collected a few sheer blouses by Equipment, J. Crew and others. I buy stretch cotton camis from F21 in all kinds of colors to wear under them. I haven't found them to be any more fragile than my silk blouses. I hand wash, press with cool iron and hang to finish drying. I like having different texture options in my closet and sheer things are nice with wools and tweeds, among other things.

    I'd love to stop by with a nice bottle of Chardonnay and have some of that salad!

  6. Dani - I like the sheer blouse, so long as the camisole is a separate beast. There is nothing I detest more than trying on items that are joined together in unholy matrimony - it appears I have a terrible learning disability and get myself all tangled up in putting on the two items at once and invariably, end up with them both on backwards! Such stress!

    Your salad looks yummy - I am allergic to nuts, but would replace with crunchy sunflower seeds!

    So glad your son is home - always good to look in the whites of their eyes!

    we are having a dinner party tonight - I am making chicken cooked in calvados, an apple risotto, a celery salad and a chocolate dessert! Cannot wait! Am nervous, too, since as I told Tabitha, am meeting the new boyfriend of my best friend whose marriage broke up after 25 years last fall, am so worried I will call the fellow by old husband's name!

  7. Dani, how nice to have your son home! :)

    I am not a blouse person either (or a trouser person, for that matter). You are right about the JC sheer blouses, I think--the dot flouncette is very prone to holes and snags (and this right out of the box direct from Lynchburg, not once, but twice!) That said, the Brora one is a great dinner piece!

    I've jumped on your dress bandwagon for fall--got the chambray one and the shutterbug from JC. I've worn both more than once already. For me the key, I think, is washability. That leaves out a lot of the pretty Alexa Chung frocks and tops.

    Did you check out the new things for Madewell? As a birthday treat I got two of the blanket wraps. They're a bit LL Beanish and made me think of some of your recent purchases. I wear wraps all the time in the dead of winter--do you?

    Have a lovely evening! Amy

  8. Your Brora blouse is very pretty!!! I used to have a few sheer blouses that I wore to work. I wore a silk camisole underneath. I found trying to wear a cotton camisole underneath, I would get really hot and uncomfortable. When wearing sheer blouses, I would not take my jacket or cardigan off unless I was in my own office. I didn't like exposing my arms to my co-workers. I do still wear blouses quite often as I like wearing a feminine top paired with the masculine-style wool trousers I wear to work.

    Glad to hear your son is home for the weekend! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. How much do I want that salad now?? And I never crave salads. Toasted walnuts or almonds though, are so lovely on them. So fun that your son's home to visit! You must, of course, share your outfit.

    p.s. I tried out egyptomaniac's rec of the Land's End Flannel Shirtdress in navy and I love it. I think it's right up your alley! I took a 4 and it's a great fit. Plus, it's 25% off with Friends & Family.

  10. Oh dear I'm afraid I'm in the 'not a fan of blouses' camp as well. I do own several but alas they tend to hang forlornly in my wardrobe waiting to be liberated.
    The salad looks delish and super easy.

  11. Dani: Stuffed tomatoes for din dins tonight! Hubs is looking at it thinking, is the meat underneath but I think he'll like it with a big buttery baguette, I already scoffed mine 3 hours ago, I really loved them.

    WMM: That menus sounds amazing, please leave a doggie bag on my doorstep.

  12. Tabs,
    I am so happy you loved your stuffed tomatoes. Hopefully that meat-oriented hubs wasn't too disappointed!

  13. Annie,
    This is often the case. I am keeping the few blouses I have in my storage closet to remind myself to never buy any more!

  14. shopwithm,
    That dress is really beautiful, and 29 bucks minus 25% makes it extremely affordable.
    The colors offered are gorgeous.
    I really appreciate that you can return all sale items to LE as well, no ridiculous final sale.
    Thanks for the tip!

  15. Hi Louise, Thanks we had a great visit.
    I really like the look of a sheer blouse with wool trousers, very saucy!

  16. Hi Amy,
    I did check out the new Madewell things, very nice wraps!
    I have a Brora cashmere wrap (the aubergine one) that is my lifetime investment piece and I use it all winter long.
    I like the look of that shutterbug dress, it seems like a great fall piece for those days when it's not too cold.
    I agree I don't mind dry clean only for a party dress but for everyday stuff it has to be machine washable.

  17. WMM,
    Hi and I hope it went well and that you didn't use the old fellows name! Once the wine flows those mistakes are easy to make. ;)
    Hope your dinner was a big success, gosh it sounds delicious!!

  18. DesertFlower,
    I love sheer things with tweed, what a beautiful pairing!
    Yum Chardonnay, yes that sounds good!

  19. LR,
    Hi, I know the thing is you have to try them on!

  20. Sue,
    Hi and that's a good idea. I have a Brora short sleeve jumper but it's golden yellow. I'm afraid I'd look like a bumble bee if I wore it over this blouse!

  21. Hi Sue from Great Island,
    Oh yes it did skew in favor of the blouse didn't it!
    Thanks we had a wonderful time and now it's Monday and I'm sad my son is back at school!

  22. Hi Tabs, But I love that your Mum is still thinking about clothes and working it out. Yay for your Mum!