"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heather Acorn

When I was a little girl my most favorite book was an illustrated story called Miss Suzy.
Miss Suzy was a brown squirrel who lived in her own little neat house on top of an old oak tree, she baked acorn cakes and drank tea from acorn cups. I think she was the inspiration for my domestic life.
So I've always been partial to acorns and I like collecting them in them in the woods too, if I was craftier I'd make things out of them but really I just like looking at them.

This skirt in "heather acorn" has been one of my best pieces this fall.
It is JCrew's No. 2 pencil skirt, it's easy to wear, looks great with black and I most especially love the way it looks with my Paris Scarf.
I wore this outfit yesterday when I visited with my friend Ade. We met in Paris when we were both trapped there thanks to the Icelandic volcano! She is Irish but has lived in Canada for many years, she's so much fun and we had a ball visiting the Toronto JCrew store, more on that visit to come.

I wonder how many of you are sliding a turkey in the oven today?
I hope you have an excellent fun Thanksgiving with lots of good visiting and things to eat.
I am hosting a vegetarian Thanksgiving today and though MrBP has to work he's promised to come home at 4:00 so we can watch the football together.

Have a great day all of you!


  1. i LOVED miss suzy!!! i used to have dreams about visiting her little house.

  2. I don't know Miss Suzy and we do not celebrate Thanksgiving :-(
    We celebrate Saint Nicolas, on December 6th, which I will explain soon on my blog... I have added a new recipe ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Miss Suzy sounds great, I love watching the squirrels outside, I think they're amazing creatures.
    Camel and black are just perfection in my book, and how envious am I that you got play in a real J Crew store - lucky duck!

  4. like tabitha i adore camel and black and i envy you for beeing in a real jcrew store.
    i think youre outfit suits you well,it is very dani BP.
    enjoy your vegetarian thanksgiving!
    here in germany it is a regular day today,so my husband has to work and the kids are in school,but we miss the traditional turkeyday very much.

    jcrew crew ships now to germany and i tried a mockorder,it would be double! as much as in the states and you cant use promotions.
    thats crazy!

  5. Oh I love heather acorn too. I tried the mini in that color but it was too big in a 2 and then the 0 sold out. Oh well I have the flair now.
    I am not carving the turkey but baking Parker House rolls to bring to our friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving Dani!

  6. I am keeping the Sterling Skirt on this color (name of color nay be off a little, but it looks the same!) - funny, lately everything I buy goes with stuff I already have.

    Remember the scene in Godfather 2 - airport - where Michael complains to the Meyer Lansky character that he never sees his wife, his kids don't know him, he has a gorgeous house he never uses? And the older and wiser gangster rebukes him: "This - is - the - life - we - chose."? New York lawyers say that to oneanother all the time. All the time.

    I wish you and yours a happy whatever-day!

  7. The acorn skirt looks so pretty with your scarf. I would like one in that color to mix with my various leopard-print accessories. Maybe if they're still around for a post Christmas sale. Enjoy your veggie Thanksgiving!

  8. I ordered that skirt and wept as I packed it back up to return. The fit was amazing, the color perfection, but I live where it's 75 degrees on Thanksgiving day (happy Thanksgiving all!!) so I cannot keep buying double serge wool. It looks great with black, I love the scarf Dani. You will wear that skirt til the end of time. I wish I could find it's exact equivalent in lighter fabric.

    DH does the cooking in our house so I'm ready for a day of relaxing and reading magazines mostly.

  9. I hope you had fun at the new J Crew. I'll be putting a 23lb turkey in the oven later. 15 for dinner tonight. Most of the prep is done..off to do my favorite part-setting the table and watching the parade.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Dani! My husband is cooking turkey by himself, he insisted, the sweetie. I'll be happy no matter how it turns out.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Dani. I'm wearing my Factory Rose pencil skirt and a black cashmere v neck today, I feel so comfy. I just love the Heather Acorn skirt, and I completely agree about acorns, they're magical. Last Thanksgiving the girls and I glittered them, a la Martha Stewart.
    I wish I had read Miss Suzy (I bet I can find it on ebay!)

  12. Such a perfect, classic outfit - I love camel and black together. I'm glad to hear you finally got to visit the J. Crew store, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Dani! We celebrated earlier today at my parents' house. My sister and her family were there also, so it was really nice having all of us together. I hope your vegetarian Thanksgiving is going well, and that you are all having a great time. :)

    Camel and black is also one of my favorite color combinations. Like wellfedfred, I am also keeping the Sterling skirt in this same color and look forward to wearing it with my black Tippi sweater. :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to J.Crew...hope you post about it soon!

  14. Perfect outfit, Dani. I am still on the lookout for black boots--what brand are yours? Hope you had a nice American Thanksgiving! :)

  15. Love your black/camel outfit, so chic! And the boots are awesome. Very stompin' Happy Thanksgiving (redux, since we already had our Canucks one) :)

  16. Hi Dani. I found the Miss Suzy books - thank you so much for mentioning them! Love your vegetarian recipes - we consume mostly vegetables here, and one daughter is complete vegetarian - of her own decision in 3rd grade. Take care!