"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Think Pink

Pink pineapple dress on a picnic.
  Feeling like wearing loads of pink to celebrate Valentine's Day? Me too.
JCrew pink toile skirt with a pinky pink Brora jumper.

Brora dress in chinoiserie print with a hot pink Mai tai fur collar.
  That cozy pinktastic fur collar is perfect for a wintry Valentine's Day.
Old JCrew Collection dress in pink brocade silk.

JCrew pink silk taffeta ball gown 2007.
  How about a ball gown?
JCrew Cherry Blossom Dress 2008
  Or a printed silk dress?
 Or better yet, let's keep it simple: pink toes on a beach!

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day? I'm going to rustle up some Vodka Penne (it's Nigella's recipe, which you can see HERE).  I gave MrBP a book of poems by Christian Wiman.
Have a lovely Valentine's Day with good things in it.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Dani. Love that pink ballgown skirt. How luxurious. It's simply begging for champagne. I hope you had a wonderful day. xo

    1. Jen don't you love that skirt? We had a good day thanks, no champagne for me though, too many colds and sinus headaches this time of year, ugh. Looking forward to spring, Valentine's Day always reminds me it's on the way! xx

  2. Happy Valentines Dani.
    I hope you feel better soon...I am making comfort food tonight family style meat loaf, mashed potatoes and carrots. We will go out another night but right now we both have colds and do not want to share our germs.

    1. Thanks Hostess I hope you're on the mend! Thanks my cold is slightly better today, it seems there has been lots of viruses around this year. My youngest daughter has it too. Comfort food is just the thing, my family loved the pasta! xx

  3. What a lovely gift Dani! I am not going out bc I am so tired lately but also because restaurants on VDay is so boring with the presriptive forced atmosphere that I told my husband not to book to which he thought this was a veiled test! hehe xx

    1. Naomi we don't go out on Valentine's Day anymore, ugh it's too crowded and prescriptive as you say! We stayed home, I cooked and we watched a film in front of the fire. Just the thing. A veiled test that's so funny! xx

  4. Belated Happy Valentine's Day, Dani. I never knew I wanted a pink toile skirt before - but now I do! What a romantic fashion choice. Also love the pink ball skirt, which is stunning but we never go to balls these days. We did however go to lunch at the garden centre for Valentine's and it was fresh and delicious.

    1. Patricia thank you!
      That sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day. Very smart to go for lunch on the day too as the dinner hour is crowded and fraught at restaurants on the 14th.
      I would love an event to wear a ball skirt to as well, that one in particular is so stunning isn't it? I have a knee length skirt in that same pink silk taffeta though, it's such a good colour. xx