"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Colour

 After spending the entire fall and winter in monochromatic black outfits I feel like summer is an entirely new world, and I'm a new person in that world.
It's at the very least a mindset shift!
Decorating the garden, the porch and the house has all been an exercise in colour flow this spring.  I like to make sure the colours of the flowers, dishes and linens I'm using flow together yet they need to be vibrant and summery.  I guess it's a decorative colour story, and it's not dissimilar to the colour story I'm wearing these days.
Embroidered jacket by Velvet.
Kayu bag.

A surprise urn tucked around a corner.

Dress by Velvet.
It's not black!

Begonias on the porch. 

Table for two on the terrace.

Plummy blue and white.

Coral pink and blue.


  1. Love that dress. I like Velvet as a brand. I'm craving colour after such a long winter. I need to add some more colour to my home. XO

    1. Jen it was the longest winter ever, still can't believe it's finally summer! xxx

  2. Your patio and yard look lovely! Spring and summer are the most wonderful times of year. The quality of the light seems to make colors more vibrant. I hope you do some summer outfit stories.

    I end up wearing a lot of black in summer simply because my work wardrobe is mainly dark neutrals. I do pull out a lot of white and cream in summer though and scarves add color. My house hasn't got a neutral area anywhere! It's all brilliant color, picture Talavera colors. It seems so appropriate to have bright color in the desert.

    1. SD it does seem appropriate. Sounds so nice! You're very busy working and I would wear black too, especially with the travel you do. xxx

  3. Love love your china, please send it to me immediately. Tried to post yesterday but for some reason I wasn't able to - love your garden, so inviting, I picture sitting and having a lovely buttery chardonnay, pistachios, and strawberries. Never wearing black again until October - I am into shabby chique linen - all wrinkled and pretending to be from the South of France Anna26x -

    1. Anna yes not sure what's going on with my comments but I'm also not getting notifications that they're are any... ugh wish I was more of a tech brain.
      YES to linen! xxx