Friday, April 15, 2016


Antique Paisley I bought from Ellie's shop.
I'm thinking of Ellie these days.  I know you know her, she writes one of the best blogs on the internet.
Chinoiserie wall sconces I bought from Ellie's shop.
I often fill them with fresh rosemary.
 Ellie has been such an influence on so many people.  Her humour, her good taste, her bravery, the love she has for her family and friends, her kindness, her loyalty... all of these qualities, she absolutely embodies them.
French serving pieces I bought from Ellie's shop.
 I've bought a few things from her shop that really completed the decoration of my house.  Sometimes I look around at these few items and I feel like Ellie has been here, with her magic touch of great taste, her intolerance for the useless, for the un-beautiful.
Brass candle-trimmer I bought from Ellie's shop.
The beautiful Vintage Contessa wrote a lovely post about Ellie, detailing what we can do as her admirers and friends.  She's auctioning off a Chanel bag (fabulous!) that was donated by a reader (the lovely Carol).  All proceeds will go toward Ellie's care.  I didn't bid on the bag but I donated directly to Ellie's fund, all of the links are on the Contessa's post HERE.
Love and hugs,