"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fiddly Buttons

Silk Eyelet Bib Top J.Crew
 I ordered this sweet, casual silk top in my search for an ivory blouse.  It has the most fiddly buttons I've ever come across.  They were in fact so fiddly I couldn't undo them to try on the blouse itself.
Those buttons are not to be undone.
 No matter, I found another blouse as you will recall (here it is below).  The sweetness of the ruffles and the bib-like front on the Fiddly Button Blouse made it a bit old-fashioned when combined with my reserved style.  For example, I could never wear those slouchy pink shorts which are paired with Fiddly Buttons so fetchingly.
Silk Pocket Blouse J.Crew
This was my choice for spring: no fiddly buttons.
 I am enjoying wearing a silk blouse under a cozy cardigan sweater these days.  Which led me to this blouse below:
Brora Liberty Peter Pan Blouse
 Too bad it is sold out already in my size, clearly I'm not the only one who thinks it is so beautiful.  It reads autumn to me, what do you think?

Brora did another really pretty blouse for the season, this one is constructed as a jersey top with a silk front.  I think it's gorgeous:
Brora Liberty Print Blouse
How is everybody?  It snowed here this morning and Scout has gone silly.  Looks like I'll be going for a snowy walk.  I'm still trying to get a good picture of her, she might be a fine dog but she's no model.
Have an excellent day,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kissing Elephant

Tory Burch Wood Kissing Elephant Minaudiere
 How fabulous is this minaudiere from Tory Burch?  In an unusual material: wood, with those darling kissing elephants.
I thought all of you elephant-lovers would enjoy gazing on that perfect accessory, but of course the big news is that we do have a winner for our own elephant bag giveaway.
 You can see that high-tech solutions reign around here.  It was draw-a-name from the old champagne bucket time.
My daughter was home sick from school so she did the name-picking honours...
 ...and the winner is!
Congratulations Laura!
Laura I'll be contacting you by email this morning to gather up your mailing address.  I hope you enjoy shopping for groceries with your new tote!
Thanks to everyone for entering.  That was so fun I think I'll have another giveaway next month.
Enjoy your day Lovelies,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Navy Peacoat Trench

J.Crew Peacoat Trench in Navy
I took the plunge in 2013 and edited out loads of coats that I no longer wore.  I didn't even understand at the time what was actually happening: I was preparing for a change of Daily Uniform.

As our friend GetFresh has wisely pointed out, we go through phases in wardrobe (it naturally follows those life phases of course).  I've definitely become less fussy about my "look" and more demanding of my clothes, not that they be of a great fabric or silk-lined but that they be rough-and-tumble.
Of course I still like good fabrics and I'm trying to buy new things that I might enjoy for a few years.   Witness this coat:
It is a peacoat style but it has a waxed cotton outer fabric, making it very sturdy in the outdoors.  The pockets are huge, big enough for an iphone, money, keys,  doggie poop-bags, sunglasses and lipstick.  Yet the pockets are sewn so flat to the body of the coat that even when full they don't bulge.

It's a perfect layering piece because it is a layered piece itself: it holds a quilted vest to the inside lining, removable in that unimaginable warmer weather and a cozy layer in late winter/early spring.
I am wearing it here, with the vest lining attached, over a Brora long-line jumper, J.Crew perfect fit long sleeve tee shirt, Liberty silk scarf, Brora cashmere stole, J.Crew pixie pants in navy, two pairs of Brora cashmere socks and my Hunter wellies.  (Those Hunter wellies are literally on their last legs, see my friend xoxo's post on fantastic wellies, she has given me some needed inspiration towards some new ones.  Thanks xoxo!)

That's a lot of layering isn't it?  Layering is key to surviving a volatile spring.  I bought this coat in the khaki as well and I see plenty of Peacoat Trench Stomping in my future.

I took a size x-small in this coat for reference.  I don't like it as well when buttoned up so it may only suit those who are "throw on and go" types.  When unbuttoned it has a nice swing to it, all done up I resemble Sponge Bob Square Pants, but not in a good way.
I'm so happy to be wearing a spring coat!  How about you, sporting a spring topper these days?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Elusive Ivory Silk Blouse

 I've been looking for a slouchy silk blouse in the perfect shade of pearl white.  The blouse had to be tailored, no puffiness, of a soft silk (not too thick, not too thin) and be long enough to wear over pants without looking like it should be tucked in.
I bought the Silk Pocket Blouse from J.Crew.
 I have to say it has a great feeling on the body.  The silk feels like a charmeuse but it has a matte finish which lends it the casual feeling I was looking for.  It is indeed the perfect shade of pearl white.
The long sleeves have gorgeous tailored cuffs and the collar is just right: not too floppy or business looking.
 I ordered my regular size 2 and I have to say the sleeves are a bit long.  This blouse also comes in tall sizes which will be a nice option if you are 5'10" or so.  For reference I'm a smidge under 5'7".
 I had a specific outfit in mind.  I own this fabulous oversized J.Crew cardigan in a bonded merino wool that I have been wearing nearly non-stop:
Collection Bonded Merino Sweater Jacket
 I've been wearing it over Brora cashmere jumpers (well it's very cold here still) but for spring I really wanted a sumptuous long sleeve silk blouse to wear underneath, with denim jeans and some loafers without socks.
It's the perfect blouse for the oversized cardigan: the right length and shade of ivory to compliment the merino.
 We have fresh snow here this morning so I won't have the chance to wear this outfit today but it is first up with any nice weather we might see.
I hope you have a beautiful day.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mop Philosophy Monday

 Good Monday Morning!  What do you think of this whole "repurposing" concept?  It's old as the hills but as a decor trick it can't be beat, don't you think so?
I repurposed this Emma Bridgewater candle box in my office due to the straight fact that it is so pretty and sturdy.
It now holds my Sharpie markers, well you can see for yourself:
 I like pretty containers for things of all kinds: old tins (repurposing), every type of basket whether wire or wicker, and of course pottery.  Who's with me?
Tom Scheerer is with us, he's a fan of baskets, wooden boxes, and of course blue and white pottery.
I bought his book a few months ago but I still look at it all the time.
Blank notebooks are optimistic: they are ideas waiting to be born.  I like to fix a blank label on the front, once you've had a decision about the notebook you can label it accordingly.
One of these notebooks might end up holding a Wardrobe Inventory.  If it's lucky.

Are you wondering what the next Mop Philosophy Book Club selection will be?

The Razor's Edge.
I'm excited about this selection, it's been years and years since I read it and I know it's going to hit me differently.
I'm planning to re-read the book and then watch the movie from the 1980's.  It stars Bill Murray:
 I hope you join me for book club.  How does Saturday May 31st sound to you?

I'm very late in responding to comments from my last post and I just noticed comments on the last book club post that I have not yet addressed... please forgive me my tardiness.  I'll get all caught up with you this week.

My days of skirts and pearls are in the rear-view mirror.

 This was my favourite outfit last week.  Warm and suitable for Scout walking.  Scout is getting enormous, you'll see soon enough, we'll be having a photo shoot in the next couple of days.
I hope your week starts off bright and full of opportunity.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pink Pants

Dresses in the Colour Story: JCrew, Brora and Tory Burch.
 This Colour Story is not completely about pink pants though a pair is in the mix.   It is inspired by the idea of pink pants: a very feminine colour set off by brown, khaki and white.
The Old Pink Pants Colour Story.
I've always loved a good pair of pink pants: witness these historical ones above.  They have been given to my friend Meg, the shirt has gone to my daughter, the JCrew calf hair clutch was sold.  The loafers remain though they are much worse for wear.  Only the pearls have survived intact.

Pink and brown is still a story I am constantly attracted to.  It is suitable for spring and for fall, and somehow it seems the absolute perfect colour combination for August.
 The Tory Burch silk interlock dress in a pink and brown pattern is set off by these nude-pink pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo.  Finding these pumps in the perfect shade for your skin tone and wardrobe is an elusive task but very satisfying once accomplished.   ( I've wanted a pair ever since I saw this Diet Pepsi commercial in the 1980's.)

The other frocks in this Colour Story are a pink velvet from JCrew, which pairs nicely with the subtle shades of my Hermes scarf...
 ...and an older frock from Brora that I absolutely cannot wait to wear again.  If spring ever arrives I'll be wearing it with the pink cropped Brora cardigan.
 This oatmeal Brora cardigan is one of my oldest ones and it is so squishy soft, I've worn it more than any other.  It sets off denim perfectly but also pairs well with brown accessories and pearls.
Bulova watch in brown and rose gold, JCrew tortoiseshell hair clips.
 Speaking of denim, these older Goldsign jeans have held up well and pair with all of the colours in this story.  I like them with these Salvatore Ferragamo driving moccasins in tortoise brown.
Wolff et Descourtis scarf, Paris 2010.
Goldsign Jeans, JCrew 2011.
JCrew double knit merino sweater, Autumn 2013.
 I own a long, belted khaki trench coat but it is a bit fancy for my new life as a dog walker: I bought this JCrew peacoat trench recently and I think it's terrific.  It has a quilted vest lining which is removable.
 I like it with the silk scarves in this story as well as the denim and the driving moccasins.
 I have an old Tory Burch tunic that I found on ebay which holds all of the colours of this story, it also adds a bit of interesting texture in the embroidery.
These tunics are so easy to wear and are practically indestructible.  Well, we'll see if Scout proves me wrong there but the cotton fabrics do seem really sturdy.
Speaking of sturdy, this story was also inspired by my canvas shopping bags from iomoi.
I have a few of them which I use for my grocery shopping, people love these bags.  I'm not sure if it's the colour combination or the charming elephants but they never fail to bring out smiles.

We can't forget the pink pants themselves, I went for a shiny texture this time with these silk and wool twill pants from JCrew.
 I do like pink with khaki!

I have a canvas elephant tote from iomoi, exactly like the ones I use, to give away to one of you Darling Tooties.  Thank you for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment.  I'll be adding in this notebook, also from iomoi, for your grocery lists.
If you'd like your name in the hat for the tote please leave a comment and your email address (if I don't already have it).  I'll ship worldwide.
Hope your day is lovely!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mop Philosophy Monday

 Happy Monday, how have you been?
 Baking any chocolate chip muffins?  Me too.  These ones have loads of butter in them but if you're looking for a light version you can always substitute apple sauce for the butter in muffin recipes.
Let's face it though, they don't taste as good and The Rascals would be able to detect a dreaded "healthy" version from ten feet away.
 I bought a potted plant for the bathroom and so far so good.

Speaking of bathrooms, part of my spring-cleaning is cleaning all of the drains in the house.  Pour in baking soda, add an equal amount of vinegar and gaze upon a natural little scrubbing volcano.  Then pour in a big kettle of boiling water and voila, clean fresh drains.
 If we're going to talk about mundane tasks I might as well admit I've been up to my eyeballs in numbers and tax forms.  Year-end is over now, thank the heavens.
 The Big Pink Calculator was key to my survival.
As were strategically placed note pads scattered throughout the house.
 I don't normally buy much in the way of decor but I saw this brass turtle thing at Target and I was completely captivated.
Brass turtle thing from Target $15
 I like it beyond all reasonableness.  I keep flipping it open every time I walk by it.  It's just the right size for a box of matches and a wine opener.

The weather seems to be breaking and I had forgotten how much I enjoy early spring.
 The trees are bare, but full of promise.

Somebody else is also enjoying early spring:

Scout wants you to have an excellent week.  Also she wants to know, do you have any liver treats?

I'll be around this week, I've got a Colour Story up my sleeve.