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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Royal Baby

 I don't know about you but I go crazy for babies.  My own babies were so cute and cuddly with chubby legs and even temperaments.  They were all born a fair size, between 8 and 9.5 lbs, and they quickly gained weight as I was fortunate to be able to nurse them without any trouble.  They grew so incredibly fast, and I loved buying their clothes, washing them, folding them... the whole thing.  I remember exactly the feeling of holding them in their soft little sleepers, wrapped in flannel nursing blankets.

I often look at photos of my babies and I adore other babies as well, just seeing a baby on the street or in a shop really makes my day.  So of course I'm looking forward to the Royal Baby!  

 Brora is also looking forward to the arrival and they have a whole section devoted to Pieces For A Royal Baby.  They are the most darling items on a cute-as-cute baby model, have a look right here.

Baby Booties!
My own babies wore similar knitted booties, so cozy.

Little soft baby pants.

Are you crazy for babies?


  1. Yes! And I highly recommend baby nephews:). My brother married late in life, and as a result he's got a new chubby creature in his place that I love to visit:).

  2. I do love a baby! Mine were a delight as well and though I miss those years, I suspect I will blink and become a grandma! I am on pins and needles waiting for that baby to come!

    Love this! My favourite is little smocked dresses!!! Divine! My first baby was a reasonable size - 8.1 lbs, but 2 weeks early. Boy was 10.6 lbs and also slightly early. that was enough for me...

  3. I am crazy for baby and I love to design baby clothes. Knitting for babies is so enjoyable. Small and quick, with no complaints from the recipient!

  4. Yes, yes, yes, nothing as nice as a small fuzzy baby head nestling into your neck.

  5. I do love babies but actually prefer toddlers and preschoolers...they are so funny!

  6. I love babies and whenever I pick one up I automatically rock back and forth. My children loved to be rocked.
    Baby clothes are so much fun and there are many lovely shops here in town which sell gorgeous things. I am currently knitting a blanket for grand baby number 2 due early September.
    Chubby little arms and legs are just perfect for kissing:-)

  7. Babies are beautiful! My husband's niece had a baby late last year, the first of the new generation, and she posts lots of photos on Facebook. She is one chubby girl, so delicious, and always smiling, it automatically puts me in a good mood when I see those photos.

  8. That is one cute baby (or is it several? no matter, they are all cute!). Those baby clothes are adorable too. I'm getting a bit impatient, where is that royal baby??!! :-)

  9. Babies make my heart melt. I remember their warm, heavy, soft weight in my arms. They grow up too fast. It seems just recently that I was celebrating their firsts (steps, words, haircut) and now I am celebrating the last bath time, read-aloud, snugglefest. I'm still bawling.

  10. Wow, could they have found a sweeter baby? I don't think so! What a doll. I love babies and like you, seeing one just makes my day. I am very much looking forward to everything about this royal baby!


  11. Just finished packing up the matinee jacket and blanket that I knit for my new niece!! In the lovely Debbie Bliss cashmerino! It was a joy to knit....but nothing to compare to holding my niece for the first time! Can't wait!

  12. That baby is scrumptious. LOVE those photos. :)

    I am on pins and needles, so excited for the royal family. I am sure their baby will be amazingly cute and adorable...

  13. Oh, the Great Kate Wait is nearly over-- she's in labor!

  14. Yes and it's a boy I knew it! I should have bet MrBP more than $2!! And a healthy 8lbs 6oz, just wonderful! A fine chubby little Prince, I hope he gets some Brora....