"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Best: Tree of Life

We need to be "grounded" in life; but there's quite a difference between a boat that has been grounded on the rocks and the way a tree is grounded in the soil, in which its roots, very much alive, keep the tree centred and steady while actively drawing nourishment from the well of life.  We want to be grounded like a tree - to be "rooted and grounded in love." -Brother Curtis Almquist

Have a wonderful Sunday,


  1. We learn so much from our trees - life, death, rebirth, how to dress for fancy occasions. When I sit in my backyard and listen to the trees they sound exactly like the ocean...

  2. I joke that I have a firm foundation because of the size shoe I wear but really my "roots" God, family keep me not only grounded but also centered. I may bend with the wind but I do manage to end up straight and magnificent. How could I not? I am God's creature and I rejoice in Him.

  3. Hi Dani-Wonderful words from your pastor. We have an very tall and massive oak tree in our back yard. It started from an acorn, probably buried by a squirrel. Yet God's loving touch transformed the poor forgotten acorn into the beautiful and vital tree it is now. It shades us in summer and its lacy branches decorate the sky in winter. We are so blessed to live on this gorgeous earth. Hope your Sunday was full of quiet happiness and rest.

  4. I think being grounded is about making a long term commitment to what you do. In the beginning, what you do depends on you but over time you will find you can depend on it.

  5. I like this & the imagery it creates in my mind. Thank you :)