"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mop Philosophy Monday

 We still have many weeks of winter ahead of us so I thought I'd source some beeswax candles: un-fussy,  simple and they smell so good. 
I did find this really gorgeous looking bottle of rose at The Happy Store.   Just looking at it reminds me that summer is around the corner:
Hang on summer is coming.
 How about a celeriac salad?  This recipe is the classic, and you really can't go wrong with Nigel Slater.  Did you know that celeriac is very high in Vitamin K?  It's true, I looked it up.
The ugly yet nutritious celeriac.
 I managed to find an organic cauliflower for $3.79, I know, what a bargain that is these days!  I roasted it in the oven and then swished it around with some sauteed kale and roasted hazelnuts: it was a very good and simple dinner.
Cauliflower, kale and hazelnuts.
 Wondering what Scout has been up to?
Oh Hi
 She has a new best friend!
Farfel and Scout
Well, the truth is it might well be a love affair.  Farfel moved in three doors down which means that Scout now spends all of her time looking out the window, just waiting for him to walk by.
Sometimes Farfel runs away... to our house that is.  

 We took them on a hike and they had a stand-off with another Doodle:
Doodle in the distance.
 Farfel is so soft and fluffy, like a giant teddy bear.  
  He likes the water, isn't this unusual for a standard poodle?
  Scout's having none of that swimming business:
Love: exciting and new!



  1. I love beeswax candles...love the scent as they burn and warm up.
    It is such fun watching two happy and energetic dogs frolic about...Scout looks very happy.
    Our local Thrifty Foods store had cauliflower at $2.99 a head. Much less than the Xmas price of $7.99...in our circle of friends we are relating the increased prices of food by the daily cost of cauliflower.
    I have been very aware of the prices since our dollar took a dive...much more than I have been since I was seriously budgeting back in the late 1980's.

  2. I just cannot eat celeriac! Just the smell of it makes my stomach upside down...
    Your cauliflower sounds delicious though!
    Scout is so big!
    We didn't get any winter really... but we have had, and still have a horrible weather with so much rain lately!
    Have a fantastic week.

  3. Cauliflower has become a favorite around this household. The price really went up this winter. We are looking at possible snow Tuesday but actually it has been beautiful. Still fighting with the cows. They have now become destructive and I am over it all. I am just not sure if I can claim them legally. Oh well.

  4. Love beeswax more unlit oddly.

    I love a canine love affair! Sooo cute. Millie has two girlfriends but overall is a stuck up bitch.

    I do a cauliflower curry and need to make some of those cauliflower rice and bread everyone says is delicious. Xx

  5. Oh how sweet the pups are! I've been thinking a lot about a second dog. but I've also been thinking about moving to South Carolina. So clearly I'm just a little scatterbrained. One thing I'm not thinking about is cauliflower.
    Cauliflower? Never.
    Celeriac? Yes. Do you know that Ina Garten recipe that's a celeriac slaw? It's very good and can be prepped way longer in advance than coleslaw.

  6. How funny, I just made celeriac remoulade last night!
    I'm going to bookmark Nigel's (yes he and I are on a first-name basis) recipe though -- it looks better than the one I used. (Mine used white wine vinegar in place of the lemon juice and I think the taste is too harsh.)

    Cute puppies! I love that our pets have their own emotional lives.

  7. So glad Scout has a new friend (the long distance romance with Doogan was never going to last) and those Standard Poodles are very smart.

  8. That's adorable. Happy Scout has a pal. I love cauliflower. I do a curried soup with Udo's oil. So yummy. Glad the price is down. It was beginning to seem like an extravagance! xo

  9. Farfel and Scout = so cute! Are you going to have to do a dog share arrangement to help them stay together? One week on, one week off… that sort of thing?!
    Love the smell of Beeswax candles. Well, the days are noticeably getting shorter here, so you must be noticing them getting longer where you are. We are still in the throws of Summer - I think it's 35C today, and I'm looking forward to the change of season as I'm sick of my sundresses and sandals. Think I've been wearing them for 3 months now…. xx

  10. The dogs are so cute together. Glad that Scout has a such a good buddy. Dogs really enjoy a good playmate. Poodles are water retrievers and they were bred to retrieve water foul, so it should not be surprising that Farfel likes the water.

  11. The last line of your post sent me down a You Tube rabbit hole - I love Jack Jones' voice!

    Scout has such long legs! I wonder how this love story will play out ...?

  12. I loved those woods - go to the ones at Starky as well - they are fab - a great walk with that adorable Scout and his gal-pal! Annax

  13. DO YOU KNOW PREPPY EMPTY NESTER?GO TO her blog NOW!SHE has a dog like YOURS named CHOWDER...........then there is the little one.............always in trouble these TOO!
    Now, what did you do with that CELERIAC?Oh , I see I need to click on it......I love that stuff use in a BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP!!
    THANK YOU for your beautiful comment over on my POST!
    I answered YOU!

  14. Scout and Farfel made my day! It's so wonderful to have a neighbor nearby with a buddy for Scout. We have a circle of friends in the neighborhood that all walk their dogs around the same times each day. My little one looks forward to those and gets so excited to see all his friends. It is essential for dogs to socialize. Plus this removes any guilt I may have at him being an only dog. No need for me to adopt another!

  15. They made my day too, I would cuddle that pair to bits!

  16. Too cute about Scout! What a doll he is. I need a doggy in my life. Your area looks so gorgeous! Dani I've had that Rose... It is good! How do you use the celeriac? The Happy Store sounds cute. xo Kim

  17. Scout and Farfel are adorable! I have a standard poodle, and he does not like water; although as another poster stated; they are bred for water fowl retrieval. My Bedlington terrier Downboy is always in the pond, and can't stay clean for 5 minutes!

  18. Doodle in the Distance! Doesn't that sound like a book in a series?