"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Friday, April 15, 2016


Antique Paisley I bought from Ellie's shop.
I'm thinking of Ellie these days.  I know you know her, she writes one of the best blogs on the internet.
Chinoiserie wall sconces I bought from Ellie's shop.
I often fill them with fresh rosemary.
 Ellie has been such an influence on so many people.  Her humour, her good taste, her bravery, the love she has for her family and friends, her kindness, her loyalty... all of these qualities, she absolutely embodies them.
French serving pieces I bought from Ellie's shop.
 I've bought a few things from her shop that really completed the decoration of my house.  Sometimes I look around at these few items and I feel like Ellie has been here, with her magic touch of great taste, her intolerance for the useless, for the un-beautiful.
Brass candle-trimmer I bought from Ellie's shop.
The beautiful Vintage Contessa wrote a lovely post about Ellie, detailing what we can do as her admirers and friends.  She's auctioning off a Chanel bag (fabulous!) that was donated by a reader (the lovely Carol).  All proceeds will go toward Ellie's care.  I didn't bid on the bag but I donated directly to Ellie's fund, all of the links are on the Contessa's post HERE.
Love and hugs,


  1. Hi...I am not sure if I stumbled upon Ellie's blog through your own blog or maybe another but I find myself reading her all over again. those of us who have read her blog know she is in dire health .
    I never bought from her shop...but she is one of those people who without you even knowing her influence you in many ways....
    I have been dreading reading lately....as I think she may be living her final days ( although this hopefully is not the case....as I do not know anymore than anyone else who reads her blog.)
    It has left me very sad . I am glad you have pieces from her shop. I have not posted on her blog because so many people have replied so eloquently
    and I am at a loss of what I could say to her...
    If any of your readers have not read "Have some Decorum"....I think you and I would agree they should. I am hoping we get to read so much more from Ellie in the future and that she recovers. Carolyn in Vancouver


  2. I found Ellie's blog through Janet at Gardener's cottage and read every post. I loved it so much. I cannot bear to think of when she is gone. So many of us have invested in her journey. There will be much grief from those who never know her but admired her from afar. I love what you have bought. x

  3. so many beautiful things. Love them all.

  4. I too have been thinking about Ellie. Love the beautiful things you've bought from her shop. She has a great eye, and they've found a lovely home at your house Dani. xxx

  5. I remember when YOU bought the PAISLY tablecloth!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU did a little mending on it!THANK YOU SOOO MUCH..............WE are making a difference and doing what WE CAN being SO FAR AWAY!!!THANK YOU!

  6. Ellie is a Princess, and a Queen.......and anything you can do to help is wonderful!
    She is the exact same age as my daughter who lives here in Montecito.....and believe me.....I think of Ellie every day.....many many times......and pray like mad for her.

    I want to help in any way I can!!!

  7. i love that every time you look at a piece you got from her shop you think of her. that is just such a powerful feeling isn't it?! i pray for her and now teddy. life can be so hard...x

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this, Dani - I didn't know about the donation fund & have just gone over to make a contribution. We 'virtual friends' all owe Ellie a lot for the things she's taught us.
    I love that paisley! And I know how good it must look in your house.
    xoLocal Sue

  9. Dani, It is so good to see the outpouring of love for Ellie as she is going through this trauma. She has been an inspiration to all of us, with her strength and bravery.

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Only from you Dani, can we read such a thoughtful, heartfelt and sincere post.

    What has always made an impact on me from Ellie's posts is how frank she is about her real feelings towards what life has handed out to her. I'd be pretty darn angry about it too. Why should we hide such feelings from the world? Why should we accept something so unfair with grace if we just don't feel like doing so? And Ellie is so right about one of the toughest things is having to deal with your child's emotions at such a time. Having one bratty child myself I know how difficult it is to get through to them - even more so as Ellie has to deal with her child's attitude whilst feeling like hell herself. I pray that she can leave this world knowing that she finally got through to her only offspring and that her daughter will remember her mother with love and fondness.... Much like you will Dani with those beautiful mementos along with all Ellie's followers....

  11. Dani, Thank you for sharing this post. I just adore Ellie and cannot believe how she can write the brilliant things she does with all she has to deal with. I have learned so much from reading her and love her real attitude about life. I just pray she can survive longer. It's very hard to read after losing my dear friend last year who was the same age. It's unfair and heart-wrenching. You and Contessa are good to share this to help relieve some of her suffering . xo Kim

  12. What a beautiful post. Ellie has touched so many of us with her grit, honesty and style. Thank you for highlighting this campaign. Xo

  13. She is lovely. Her journey so unfair it is heartbreaking. I love her candor and wit. Thank you for introducing her to us.

  14. Lovely words Dani, she has touched so many, I'm with you in thinking "what would Ellie do?" Even now, she has such vim and vigour.

  15. Beautiful post, Dani. The Contessa has told me about her, amazing person. And Such pretty and so delicate pieces

  16. THank you Dani. I didn't know about Ellie until I saw your blog and WFF's Blog.