"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mop Philosophy Monday

 I found these stems of kale with bits of gold spray paint while at the grocery store last week.  The colours are quite nice, and while I'm a bit tired of eating kale I don't mind decorating with it.

These days I just want to eat potatoes, must be the cold weather.
 This is currently my favourite easy potato dish because it's a one-stop shop, you've got your layers of vegetables, beans, some cashew cream thrown in with dried herbs and then a layer of potatoes on the top.
 I sautéed leeks, added a can of adzuki beans, stirred in a couple of tablespoons of cashew cream along with salt, pepper, thyme and basil, then added in great big handfuls of chopped spinach.
 Stir through until the spinach wilts, turn off the burner, and then start placing down a pleasing pattern of sliced potatoes.  Red potatoes work well for this type of dish because they hold their texture.
 Before this heads into a 325 oven I sprinkle it with some dried parsley, more salt and pepper, nutritional yeast and some olive oil.
Bake about half an hour with the lid on (or foil over top) until about the last ten minutes (might be longer for you, my oven is very hot).  The ten minutes at the end with the lid or foil off will ensure a nice browning up of the potatoes.
 The sight of potatoes cooked to golden brown perfection will make even the vegetable-averse run over to the dinner table.

Monday today, and it does feel like one too.  I've got laundry, mending, bill-paying and soup-making on my list today.  Also a trip over to the small market because our cupboards seem to be bare.
But first I have to get Lil Rascal to school on time, wish me luck!
Hope your week starts off as well as it possibly can,


  1. That looks delicious! I love a crispy potato, golden on the outside with creamy white on the inside. I may have to try this.

    Monday came too quickly. The weekends fly by at this time of year since there is so much to do. I agree that it feels like a Monday. Relaxation is over, back to work!

    1. SD it was very Monday-ish yesterday morning! But our day went well and I hope yours did too. Time is literally flying by, I want it to slow down. We can't go wrong with potatoes, I hope you try this! Or get your DH on task ;) xx

  2. Hello Dani,

    I'm going to try this dish over the next few days as it looks delicious and very healthy, thank you. I think I have most of the ingredients at home already so no trip to the store for me!

    I love decorating with ornamental kale. The last bundle I purchase lasted for around three weeks before it started to smell like cooked cabbage. At that point, it is time to put it in the compost bin, hah!

    1. CD I'll be very aware of the state of the kale at the 3 week mark, thanks for the tip! Eau de cooked cabbage, not the scent I'm going for ;)
      Yes try it, and if it prevents a trip to the market all the better, thanks CD xx

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    1. Patricia so good, especially in the cold weather xx

  4. Dani been loving your daily posts. This looks delicious and healthy! I just made a similar potato dish tonight. My college guy is home now and wants to bake and eat non-stop. I'll have to give this a whirl. Have a great week Dani! xo

    1. Kim when my son was that age his stomach was famously referred to (by him) as The Empty Pit of Misery! Now he's 24 and is not absolutely starving all the time, and fortunately is into exercise so he eats properly.
      Enjoy the time with your boys! Thanks Kim xx

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    1. Thanks Jen it's a good winter dish: comfort food xx