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Monday, September 9, 2019

Mop Philosophy Monday

 I've given up on ironing our napkins and no one seems to notice.

I guess the important, and civilized, thing is to simply have a napkin, one that's not made of paper which will end up in a landfill.  Oh, and that the napkin be clean is important too.

My mother-in-law Joan had an energy-saving habit of reusing cloth napkins in personalized napkin rings, which meant cloth napkins could have multiple uses before washing without sharing germs.  Anyone else do this?

The best article I've read in the last couple days is this one in The New Yorker by Jonathan Franzen.

Something small that can be done in our own homes that practices recycling and re-use?
Buy antiques!
 Antiques can be had for a song these days.  I bought this little French chair and English oak table for a little under $200 Canadian dollars, for both pieces.  It's in excellent condition and exquisitely pretty, I'm currently using it as a vanity table.  Isn't it gleaming and perfect?
 I have bought some new throw pillows, but there are so many etsy sellers making them from designer samples and remnants that it ends up being a massive win-win: expensive fabrics injected into a decor for reasonable prices, and a re-use of a fabric remnant or designer sample.  Also support of women who are working their own cottage industry... okay it's a win-win-win.

Let's have a small peek at the stone house:
The stone house with fall colours.
 I bought this wallpaper from a clearance centre in Michigan, it's a Thibault that was discontinued.  I'm hoping to hang it in the guest room of the stone house.
I hope you're set up to have a great week.  Let me know if you read that article.


  1. Hello Dani!
    That table and chair set are lovely and what a bargain! Your stone house looks fabulous and can not wait to see more.
    I still iron our napkins but not all of the cotton bed sheets...only the edges at the top which seem to fold over on themselves....and the pillow cases. Ironing is actually quite relaxing for me and I set my ironing board up with a view of the garden where I can gaze out at the birds and flowers.
    Take care! Glad to see your blog post today!

  2. I hate ironing shirts but love ironing linen napkins! Instant gratification. However, I've stopped ironing the everyday napkins and nobody minds. I still starch and iron the formal linen napkins - so satisfying. In our house, we don't use disposable paper products and yes, I've used napkin rings to distinguish personal napkins. Now, it's just my hubby and I (the children have grown and gone off on their own) so no need for the napkin rings. So happy to see you back here!


  3. I'm always happy to see one of your posts in my feed. I iron nothing. I steam wrinkles from clothes but that's it. I need readers to see up close so I easily ignore the wrinkles. I loved the Franzen piece. It made me feel much less helpless about it all. Thank you for pointing us to it. The stone house looks magical. I love pillows made from designer remnants. I have Scalamandre, House of Hackney and Hunt Slonem for Lee Jofa pillows that I've bought from Etsy. They add a fun pop of colour to my more neutral furniture. Definitely win-win-win. Xx

  4. I'm so excited about the Stone House! I'm anxious to see the pictures and read all the posts you'll make about it as you move in and make it your own. Thanks so much for posting the link to the article. I hadn't seen it yet. Your pillows are gorgeous! We are also eliminating single use items where we can. We're down to only toilet paper and buying that from Who Gives A Crap which is a more sustainable product and a company that gives back.

  5. I don't iron napkins either... they're in and out of the machine too often. Only the ones I use when we entertain get the iron - I used to iron my tea towels back in the day!! My grandparents had napkin rings with their initials on them for the same reason you mention. I have a pair with my husband and my initial, but that all went by the wayside with children and the napkins are washed after each meal.
    The stone house looks pretty! Agree totally re antiques - what great buys you made!! I haunt the auction rooms, and some of my best purchases have been from them. xx

  6. I'm glad you're back and am looking forward to decor color stories!

  7. So happy to see your posts. The stone house looks enchanting! Cannot wait to see some decorating posts. I am also in the process of selling a home and it is exhausting but a great opportunity to de-clutter. Loving how airy my rooms now look and will definitely carry that over to my new home. I only use cloth napkins although I never thought of re-using in personalized rings- will give it a try. Lastly, antiques are essentials to me, not only for their beauty but for their history as well.

  8. Hi Dani!! Love the Stone House! And my mom always had personalized sterling napkin rings for everyone in the family. Worked great!!