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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Breakfast Room Green... for a Guest Room

 I've kept a book of decorating ideas for the last few years, all geared towards the colours and arrangements I would use in a stone house.  Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball was one of those top colours.

There's something so clear and energizing about this green, even though it is also quite traditional.  It veers towards a sparkling blue and doesn't have the least mossy tone.

I've pulled some pictures from Pinterest and the F&B site to have a look at this colour in different rooms, how fabulous is the green pottery paired with the colour used on trim work, above?

It can be quite a modern colour too, paired with minimal furniture and striking greenery.

 It looks good with white trim but it also sets off wood tones particularly well.
Oh boy, I really love this small dining room, or perhaps it is a Breakfast Room?  The fireplace surround, the painted shelves, the antique table and chairs... so pretty.

 Our guest room will serve a couple of purposes: for guests to stay overnight, of course, but it will also function as a dressing room for MrBP.  The key to a harmonious marriage just might be separate closets guys!  Our closets are quirky in that they connect through the master to the guest bedroom, great for games of hide and seek if you are a five year old, but also conducive to separate closets.

The room is blessed with good bones, ten and a half foot ceilings, a chair rail, a large window with a deep sill, wide-plank pine floorboards...

 ...and a sink!  Not an ensuite, just a sink, right there in the room.
More Before

At first this seemed like a weird, unfortunate addition to the room.  Then, as I started to think about this room serving as a dressing room for MrBP, I could start to see the advantages of it.  It's the perfect spot to do some washing up at bedtime or some grooming in the morning.  If we have any overnight guests who are obsessive hand-washers (Gabby, I am looking at you) this sink will come in handy as well.
I have a small Louis XV side table with a rose marble top that I'll place next to the sink to hold toiletries and a hand towel.

The painting begins.
You can see part of the closet door to the left.
I wanted to take advantage of the chair rail in the room, it's the only room in the house that has this feature.  I immediately thought of wallpapering the upper half and painting the lower.

 The green going on... I just love this colour!
We replaced the sconces, of which there are three in total in the room.  To give them some uniformity I replaced the shades with plain, matching frosted glass shades.  The colour of the shades is slightly beige, to blend in with some of the tones in the wallpaper.

 The wallpaper is from the Tamarind range by Thibaut.

 It's a really gorgeous paper, with lots of elephants and strong colours.

This room continues to come together, with the closet and cupboard interiors being painted in F&B Dix Blue, a wallpaper feature wall (using a complimentary Tamarind wallpaper) in MrBP's closet, and of course the furniture which will soon be moved in and arranged.
That stage will be for another post!
Hope you are well and having a good week,


  1. This is so exciting, Dani! It is wonderful that you're letting us be a part of this. The color is so versatile. I love that you pulled all the inspiration photos using that color. What a great idea. I too adore the chair rail and am so glad you kept it, if for no other reason that it provided the perfect opportunity to hang that gorgeous wall paper.

  2. I'm so excited for you and your new house--I'm enjoying this vicariously.

  3. What a gorgeous space! Excellent choices. That paint is a perfect colour. I cannot wait to see the rest of the house. Xx

  4. Beautiful! That green reminds me of the Fiestaware new color this year, Meadow. Love it!

  5. so so so gorgeous! I hope this goes through - I have been following your new home and it is so warm and cozy and elegant and inviting and soon enough I will have to come and see it for myself - in fact, I think I know it...xoAnna26