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C.S. Lewis

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cottage Details

 While on holiday in Algonquin Park we spent an afternoon visiting the cottage of our best friends Berna and Mr. Berna.  You remember Berna of the blog DO YOU MIND!
I've been begging Berna for a new post, "what, no new material?" I have enquired... but she says that a DO YOU MIND happens pretty much daily... (perhaps so often that there is no time to jot it down?)

Well, Berna Shenanigans aside, she does have a gorgeous island cottage just south of the Park... location location!  Here are some details from that lovely corner of the world.
My Tory Burch loafers... these were my "boat shoes" this summer.

Berna built this stone wall!

Berna's Cottage Office.

Love these cushions.

The old seat from the canoe is displayed on the fireplace mantel.

The trees, as usual, are the stars of the show.
I hope you have an excellent long weekend.  I cannot believe that September will be arriving on Sunday.  Be good Tooties and have fun!


  1. Wow--first time I've seen the cottage! I love the colours and textiles--well done B! Nice loafers Dani, are they leather or fabric?

  2. The cottage looks delightful! And yes, trees are always the stars. I'm glad you are back to posting Dani! You have been missed. I'm ready for some color stories. My own color stories are getting very staid--black and gray.

  3. What a beautiful spot, and so thoughtfully decorated...no need to take away from the serenity of the surroundings. Perfect backdrop for the natty loafers! They look almost to be nautical flags!!

  4. still wiping up the drool from The Castle and The Park. Welcome back!

  5. Oh I have a serious Berna crush! Am quite crazy about her!! This looks wonderful! I am crazy about those pillows!

  6. Lovely photos Dani. It really is all about the details.

  7. Hi Dani, Berna's cottage looks lovely - water, trees, cosy, comfy funiture, a great combination!

  8. Nothing better than a cottage. Looks like a good spot to curl up and read.