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C.S. Lewis

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mop Philosophy Monday

The Glorious New KitchenAid Mixer
 The mixer arrived and has become The Boss of the kitchen.  Speaking of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen has a new album coming out this week.  Very exciting.

Have you been making some soothing Ovaltine with extra honey as a bedtime snack?  I know the honey seems over the top but I'm pretty sure it's medicinal.  Especially during the gloomy winter months.
 I was just out buying more vitamin D, and as for the vitamin C, well you can see I plonked every bit of citrus in the house on a platter.
Sunny Colour on a Platter
 The sun has been hiding but this morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise.  Behold:
The view from the Mop Philosophy Kitchen.
 Sometimes buying simple things like fancy-ish salt can offer a real cheer-up.  Attractive packaging doesn't hurt:
 Can we talk about Refrigerator Management?
Nothing upsets me more than a filthy fridge.  I don't care if the house needs a dust and vacuum and is generally untidy but please, please, let's have sparkling refrigerators!
A bottle of Veuve is a very cheering sight inside the refrigerator.
It's like an accessory.
 Once a week food that is past prime should be chucked out of the fridge and then a general wipe-down should be undertaken, I use vinegar and water for this.
Once a month every component should be hauled out and scrubbed down with soap and warm water.   Wipe it all dry and put it back in, then fill with a stock-up from the grocery store.
I'm telling you, this makes me feel quite happy and accomplished.
My neighbour gave me these wonderful beeswax cloths for storing food in bowls.
 I divide the storage into sections: dairy and nuts in one area, cheese in the deli drawer, leftovers on one particular shelf... I bet you do something similar.
 I store jams and syrups together and of course there is the important Shelf Of Booze.
Well you wouldn't want to run out of wine this time of year!
I'm actually in the market for a new fridge/freezer combination.  The unit you see in these photos is all-fridge, we have an upright freezer downstairs.  I'd like to have just one unit as we rarely fill our large freezer and I think another family might get better use of it.  We're also fairly tired of not having ice cubes in the kitchen proper.  I'm sure you can understand how that would be annoying.  Any recommendations for a fridge/freezer combination?


  1. AS you know I am dreamer of a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer... But the prices here are just unbelievable... I love to have a tidy refrigerator. Mine is quite small and while in winter it is often enough, in the summer time, it is rather often just... We have much smaller standard in Europe compare to North America. I love visiting your kitchen as I love very much seeing inside people's house... Not sure if it is something I should worry about... This sunrise is with such beautiful colors... Prediction of a beautiful week!

  2. All those Canadian brands gave me a pang of homesickness!

    I like your little pick me ups and that sunrise is beautiful!

  3. I see those Smuckers' lids preening on center stage but always took you to be more of a preserves gal or the even more chi-chi "spreadable fruit"
    I have never craved anything like I craved jam while hearing Frank McCourt narrating his own Angela's Ashes family memoir when during a very troubled and dirt-poor childhood a meal with only toast & jam was thought of as the most extravagant delicacy.

    1. Those look like Bonne Maman jars to me!

    2. Good call Abby as silly me thought Smuckers had a trademark on those checkered lids but of course our Dani and her MopPhil staff has searched high & low for the most fab couture preserves.

    3. Yes only couture preserves for us!
      Jam is for the Rascals. I go for marmalade made with large amounts of scotch whiskey, actually I need to make some of that, I knew something was missing.

    4. Love jam! Had a couple pieces of toast dripping in butter and strawberry jam last night and want it again. I've been known to eat preserves right out of the jar, especially if couture. ;)

  4. The orange duchess gives the inside of your fridge such verve! Love your views, we're getting some beautiful sunsets here in Bay Area too...

    1. ALW, I agree a bit of bubbly elevates every interior.

  5. Dani, I always find GoodGuide and Consumer Reports very helpful in narrowing down final appliance/ major purchase selections. There's a 36" Miele with a bottom freezer you might like if that is not too big for your space. Or on a lower scale, a lot of the Whirlpool models rate well in Energy Star and cooling. I would reco staying away from anything LG as they seem to have a lot of issues with the electronics, ice makers etc. They were the "standard" in the condo building down street from us where my friend lives. Maybe they just got a "lemon lot" but many have been replaced after 3 years.

    Not sure what WMM's Nigella is, but looks swanky enough for champers.

    1. Oh, and wherever you get your Maison Orphee stuff, keep an eye out. They do some nice gift packs with salts, oils etc. that make really nice hostess and holiday gifts, a bit different/ extra to the standard vino.

  6. Oooh a clean fridge! I'm doing mine tonight--always before garbage day!

    Hail the Glorious Kitchen Aid! You'll be starting a bakery next I just know it--you've always got something coming out of your oven as is!

    As you do your research bear in mind that you would like to do a reno on your kitchen in the next few years. Have you thought of fridge or freezer drawers? Small under counter models of either? You do go through groceries quite efficiently and may not need as much space as the average family. Have you considered a wine fridge or a space for upright bottles? I agree that you probably don't need a large freezer in the basement. Those are good for super large families or Costco shoppers--but most of us don't really need them.

    The only orange we've got in our fridge now are clementines and carrots. We need some Veuve!

  7. Funny - I am doing mine tonight or tomorrow! We love our new fridge Dani - two freezer compartments! Will send specs off line.

    Damn - I have no Veuve right now! I am champagne-less! I will have to deal with that!

    Love the mixer!

  8. I also love a clean refrigerator. That, and oven. I am tolerant of other messes, but not those two. We have an extra refrigerator in the garage and it is the fridge of booze. Or at least the fridge of beverages. Juices, back up milk, and wine, wine, wine, sometimes a 6 pack of fancy beer for the boys.

    We are lucky to have a lot of citrus here and just yesterday I juiced oranges for breakfast. There is nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice. I love having citrus on the counter, too.

  9. My mixer is king of the castle as well. My mom gifted it to us when our remodel was complete. It is an almond color to match the back splash and any other random accessory I plop on the counter. Our fridge has the freezer on the bottom and I find it to be the best style for us. Very rarely do we access the freezer so having it higher is an odd combination. DH will be doing the clean out this weekend. His chore and he does a great job!

  10. Side by side, instead of top and bottom. Much easier to see what is lurking in the corner.
    Love the citrus Dani

  11. We have an fridge with pull-out freezer drawer at the bottom. It's okay but I would love to have my inlaws' Subzero! Also agree about fancy salts - I bought a little jar of Himalayan pink salt from The Spice Trader (http://www.thespicetrader.ca/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=38) and it cheers me up to no end, it's so pretty to look at. Now I'm tempted to try out some other varieties!

  12. Our fridge-freezer has two pull-out wire baskets in the freezer on the bottom - actually, they are a pain in the neck! I always end up sitting on the floor emptying everything out to get at something at the back. I don't know what is better - side-by-side?

    The Maison Orphee products look very interesting, and they're Canadian, super. I see that my local health food store carries them - I'll have to have a look for them.

  13. I totally agree that there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the fridge. We are also in the market for a new fridge, but we're not sure which one to choose. Our big thing is that we don't want an ice maker and we would like the fridge and freezer to be side by side. Good luck in your search for the perfect one. I also love your mixer. That's another thing on my "kitchen wish list"!

  14. As a serious Boss Tramp I am excited about the new album...
    your new indigo blue Kitchen Aid will be your best pal....maybe not your Boss!
    We have a bottle of Tattinger in the fridge that we never drank at New Years....too many Brambles and glasses of wine. Wonder now what will be the occasion to pop the cork!
    Perhaps Bruce's new music launch?

  15. I learned the hard way not to clean glass fridge shelves with warm water--I had one explode on me when it came in contact with the warmth! Fortunately I'm a slob, so this problem doesn't present itself often!

  16. I haven't heard of Maison Orphee but what beautiful packaging.
    Hexicon - I didn't know that about hot water, that's the sort of thing I would do
    Dani can you smell the vinegar? I like the idea of cleaning with it but I have a really sensitive nose and can bare very few smells around me.

    Oh and ice cubes - what are they again? Typical Brit here, I have never even filled the ice cube tray!

    1. Tabs, the vinegar is mixed with water, think in equal proportions, and the smell should go away after a short while. It's inexpensive, great for killing germs, mold and bacteria and you don't have to worry about chemicals around food. But if you have a sensitive nose, you might try cleaning your kitchen counter with that as a test?

  17. Beautiful sunrise and I love a clean refrigerator too. Ours is about to go any minute, I think, so if you get a good recommendation, please share to save me the research. :)

  18. I agree with another commenter that a side by side refrigerator/freezer is very convenient. I love the Sub Zero we have in our Dallas house--it is 20 years old and going strong. We have the same at the farm. Of course aesthetics are important to me. I have become a snob when it comes to appliances!

    Your mixer is beautiful! And now, I need to go and clean my refrigerator.

  19. My KA mixer's name is Barbie, for the first few years all I did was buy her accessories - different kinds of beaters, a cover, a copper bowl, a rubber mat, a new cover (kitchen got painted).... Then I got my first cuisinarts, and wound up naming her Barbie Two. As in Audrey Two. Two and her wardrobe of 12 slicing/grating discs and their very own containers moved to the beach when we bought F. Manor, and Barbie and B.Three now jostle for space and attention in the city. Happy Shopping! and of course baking.

  20. Oh, speaking of vinegar--I save leftover lemon halves from my (supposedly metabolism-enhancing and skin-clearing) lemon water and drop them into a big jar of white vinegar. It gives the cleaning vinegar a bit of a citrus freshness.

  21. Look how it matches your tile. Something about the kitchen aid...you know it will last. Happy baking.

  22. Very very pretty Kitchen Aid Mixer. That colour is very striking! Love.

    Same philosophy here with my fridge! Definitely can't be running out of wine (especially with the weather being as it is this winter! tee hee)