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C.S. Lewis

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Undine And The Gang

 This is just a little reminder post about our upcoming Book Club selection: Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country.
We will be discussing it on Saturday, February 1st.  You can find links in this post.
 I am enjoying this book so much, to be honest I am surprised that I find it absolutely riveting!  Undine is quite the singular character.
It's not too late, you still have plenty of time to read it, even quickly, as it is so enjoyable and perhaps a perfect book for dark winter nights.
If I'm late to respond to comments this week please forgive me, my family all have some sort of flu so I'm very busy cleaning everything while making vegetable broth!  Oh, winter...


  1. You are a literary lot, I just don't have the brain for this sort of stuff!

    1. But, Edith Wharton is such an easy author to read...you'd be surprised...her books are all about human relations! Give her a go!

  2. Dani - I just want to tell you I will read it but I probably wont be able to join in on discussions because I am away that weekend...But I will give my two cents after the commotion I am sure hehe

  3. Very much looking forward to this Dani. For commuters and those who have a long drive upcoming, there is a free audio book version at:


    The narrator is pretty good which isn't always the case as they use volunteers.

  4. Undine! I am about 100 pages in an oh vey!

  5. She needs a swift kick in the ass…am enjoying it though. Is this what Downtown Abbey is like?!

  6. Dani,sorry to hear your gang is under the weather. Now I get the saying January Blues! Hope you are feeling better soon . just think of the warm ,sunny beaches you will be on in February. Look forward to your holiday color story.

  7. Very taken with the dresses on all the covers. There was something about Edith Wharton that I read this Sunday, now what the devil was it?

  8. Hi Dani, hope that the family recovers soon, and that you are not the next to go down!

  9. I may join in. Love Wharton. Hope you are on the mend soon. This winter has been nasty for ailments.

  10. i wish i could join. this sounds like so much fun! hope everyone feels better soon. xo

  11. I have just ordered it on Kindle Dani!
    The Arts by Karena