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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mop Philosophy Summer

 How's your summer shaping up?  We've got travel plans and renovations going on, and while I was meant to pack up this weekend I found that I didn't accomplish much... I'm bringing wellies and layers on holiday as our focus will be walking, hikes and picnics.  I may only bring one dress/shoe combination, clearly I'm not in a Fancy Mood these days.
Not excited about the shoe options for this dress.
 I tried to create some wardrobe excitement around packing up but it was not meant to be.  This dress from JCrew did nothing for me.  Was it the piping at the waist, a lack of fullness in the skirt?  The polyester lining?
Pretty print but Blah on me.
JCrew California Poppy Dress
MrBP will be in Fancy Dress Mode like it or not...or at least his boxers will tell a tale of Summer Whimsy:
 My house is somewhat ready for summer and our house guests from Sweden who will be taking care of the old homestead while we are away.
   I switched out my Feu de Bois candles for lavender which makes a nice pairing with some lavender potpourri, don't you think?
Diptyque Lavender
 I ordered a picnic backpack from F&M.  It means business:
Piccadilly Picnic Backpack 
(It's on sale!)
 We made a simple change to our living and dining rooms that has had a huge impact on the rooms... we had the ceilings painted:
Living Room Ceiling
Benjamin Moore Crystalline AF-485
Main wall colour: Benny Moore Richmond Gold HC-41
 The bottom of the crown moulding needs a touch up but you can see the effect is quite pretty:
Dining Room Ceiling
Benjamin Moore Wind Chime AF-465
 The colour draws the eye upward which creates a "prospect", or feeling of spaciousness.  These are the sorts of changes I'm interested in implementing in order to make our home seem larger... more attention to detail with less furniture, finer finishings and the correct combination of cozy space to outlooks.
 I know older homes are not for everyone but I love living in one...  the renovations can sometimes turn up a bad surprise, true, but then there are the interesting discoveries:
1915 wallpaper
 We've gutted the powder room on our main floor which was originally a spacious coat closet... under the plastic tiles and built in cupboards (circa the 1958 powder room conversion) we discovered the original wallpaper and a ceiling height in keeping with the rest of the main floor.
There was a drop ceiling installed which concealed the high ceilings.
Check out that oldie time wallpaper border.
 We're going for some subtlety in the new powder room which is newly spacious... we are installing some streamlined yet traditionally referenced fixtures in white along with the existing heated marble floor.
Heated marble feels smooth and delicious on bare feet.
If you are installing tile of any kind I recommend it, it's not as expensive as you'd think.
 The wallpaper will be replaced with a new pattern in a very subdued taupe on taupe pattern.  You can see I wanted to match the marble as best I could:
Pierre Deux Matin Et Soir
It's been discontinued but I found it here.
Thank goodness because it was one of the only ones MrBP liked.
I hope your summer is brilliant.  I may not be around much as I'm toying with the idea of an extended break from technology.  I've been feeling really nostalgic for the time before computers and the internet so I am enjoying the thought of going laptop-free for a few weeks.  Have you ever thought of doing something similar?
Be well my friends,


  1. I think the dress would look cute with a wide red belt and the red shoes.

    I also loved doing renos when i lived in an older house, but I agree, they are not for everyone! Now I enjoy new digs, although they sometimes also need 'improvements' (read developer deficiencies).

    Hope you have a lovely vacation and make sure to take lots of photos to share when you get back! :)

  2. I love the red Ferragamo shoes. I think they would look smashing with that lovely dress. Have a wonderful vacation. Unfortunately no getaways planned until November here.


    1. And I absolutely agree with a break from technology.. hence why you've not seen me comment much here or post on Pinterest.


  3. Hello Dani,

    You must surely be ready for a really good holiday and a break from everything. You have been going non-stop it seems to us for ages now and one can only do so much before the time comes to rest and relax.

    Your decorating colours look very stylish. The combination is so attractive and, in our experience, changing colours makes a world of difference to a room. We love old houses too. Yes, they can offer problems but it is that sense of history and of lives lived under the same roof which is so appealing. We are guardians of these places for future generations.

    Enjoy your time in England. We shall be here on your return. Safe travelling!

  4. Planning and prepping for holidays is half the fun!
    Your reno's are looking good and I am a big fan of In floor heating in our bathroom especially...older homes look great with those wallpapered rooms and moulding.
    I hope that you return from your tech break refreshed and energized. Your holiday will provide a wonderful opportunity to relax and just enjoy yourselves. Happy to hear that you will meet Tabitha!
    Bon voyage.

  5. Love your Reno changes Dani! Your toile reminds me of my toile bathroom in the basement with it's heated marble floors. I agree: they are amazing! So excited for your trip and the good times ahead. I have not been blogging as much and it has been a welcome break!

  6. Hi Dani, all the best as you gear up for your fabulous trip to England. It sounds like you will be taking full advantage of the wonderful English countryside. I hope that on your return you will pop back to tell us all about it - especially finally meeting Tabitha!

    Your living and dining room colours are lovely - the blue ceiling is a lovely touch, especially with the white moulding. I know for sure that we will be painting the ceiling of our new powder room as the whole room is currently green and I prefer blues. We've never put up moulding before, but that would be an easy place to try it out.

    So bon voyage, happy travels!

  7. The back pack is wonderful, what an excellent purchase. It has been so warm here, I am chestnut brown - you will be shocked. The wallpaper is beautiful, I really like it. I love the finds that can be unearthed in old houses.

    It stays light here till 11pm, I'm actually already looking forward to the autumn and bringing back candles.
    I am really enjoying taking some time away from blogging, before I was having to check comments etc every few minutes every single day, to make sure nothing untowards was happening on them, it was becoming all encompassing.

  8. Great timing on your trip I just received my sale book for Brora starts on June 25th. Fingers crossed for the beautiful weather to stays with. Please let me know if there is anything questions etc or do while you are in the UK. I have been here for 2 years originally from Canada (Calgary). A expat for many years, this may be my very favorite.

  9. It does sound like time to kick back and go on a trip. Enjoy it all.

  10. I think both wallpapers are great - the old one was one to bring a smile and the new one will be very classic. We love underfloor heating. In Korea it is the norm but in the UK I find not everyone installs them well but it is such a great way to heat a house. I hope you have a brilliant summer! I understand having some time away because it also means that when you get back into it you will be full throttle. But a break is sometimes needed to rewire the brain for sure and if school gets out for vaca then bloggers should to! :) xx

  11. Love the wallpaper and the idea if making a charming old home seem more spacious. That picnic backpack is fabulous!! Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

  12. Wishing and HopingJune 22, 2014 at 7:11 PM

    Dear Dani.
    you certainly have your hands full!
    Don't hesitate about the JCrew dress. I think it looks lovely. So "summer".
    I can just see you skipping through "England's mountains green" in that dress.

    So pleased for you that you have struck a balance with the renovations.
    The taupe/ duck blue combination is sublime and love how you've matched the soft furnishings.
    I chuckled at the toile wall paper. Is Mr BP pleased with that after the dinner plate debate?
    But, you know that 50's wall paper looks so sweet too. What a glorious find.

    Completely understand the tech break. Especially with summer and your fantastic trip coming up.
    Technology has a mysterious way of making a family so disparate (I look at my children with their noses glued to the laptop). So get out into that wonderful fresh air and sunshine and enjoy the "freedom!" Safe travels. Helen :)

  13. Sometimes when we go on a trip, I do not take my laptop and take a break from the computer. I find it very satisfying.

    Have a wonderful trip. And, please keep updating us on your home renovations. I love the painted ceilings.

  14. Loving those ceilings!

    Our summer plans: 1) finish planning trip to Paris and London with teensies; 2) take trip; 3) recover from trip.

    1. With teenagers! Good on ya,Fred!

  15. We did not take a laptop for our 2 weeks in South America last year; we just put the IPhones in airplane mode and checked email only in case of news back home. Didn't miss them at all!

    The old wall paper reminds me of Grandma; what a fun find. I did enjoy all the history of living in an old (1780) house, but I must say I also don;t miss the maintenance hassles. Warm bathroom floors are so comfortable and the technology has improved so much, I'd do the whole house if I were building now.

    You are going to have a swell time on this trip!

  16. Love the old wallpaper you found - I always find it quite fascinating to see the ghosts of decoration schemes from the past in your own home. Love the new wallpaper - your cloak room will look fabulous! The painting looks lovely too - painting the ceiling a different colour to the walls seems to be a North American thing? I've not seen it elsewhere, and here in Australia it's the norm to do white.
    I find full skirts can be tricky. Some can be so flattering, and others dreadful. Maybe the problem is that the skirt is full, but not full enough with the gathered waist? It might have worked a bit better with small box pleats? I don't know, but if it has a poly lining that's enough for you to want to send it back! xx

  17. Very nice Dani. The ceiling is a great I colour I and looks so soft and dreamy. You've been very busy the past few months going back and forth with the decisions about the house. I can understand why the packing is a challenge with all of this happening. A well deserved vacation will be a nice break and good for you.
    Went we went to France I probably spent 15 minutes a day on the internet . I think it's good to step away sometimes. Of course I'll miss you!

  18. I love the painted ceilings, it looks very serene and peaceful, and the marble flooring looks beautiful. I am also taking a bit of a break from blog world (which is why I have been very behind on commenting on blogs) but more because I just don't have time to devote to it at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful trip - I hope you will share your vacation photos when you return!

  19. I am swooning over your new wallpaper!

    Have a wonderful trip and many blissful picnics with your posh basket! I can't wait to hear all your insightful, delightful impressions of the walking, exploring, noshing, pubbing, and shopping! Sending you all the very best! xox (…& your Swedish friends are VERY lucky! ;))