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C.S. Lewis

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Money Growing Trees and More Stinging Nettle

Today the BP's set off into unknown territory once again. This time, we packed a picnic set for the Yorkshire Dales! My imagination was already going crazy before we left. I imagined rolling hills, magical streams, and beautiful animals.
 I was not disappointed! The streams were gorgeous (there were even a few waterfalls, they were far smaller than Niagara Falls, but far more beautiful as well, I imagined a secret world behind the falls, with elfs and unicorns and fairies and lots of kindred spirits) the hills were endless, rolling towards the horizon, and the animals were free, happy and wild. There were goats, sheep, cows, and horses.
 One thing I did not expect was stinging nettle! Sadly, despite the fact that I wore proper walking shoes, socks, my black jeans, and even a sweater, they managed to bite the only vulnerable part of my body... my hands! Luckily, I toughed out the pain and put my hand under the waterfall. This calmed down the hives and I'm feeling better now. The question is... what am I supposed to wear to keep them off of me? Nettle-protection spray? If such a product exists, please let me know!
 The wind in the Dales made the tall grass blow in such a state it looked as though it was about to lift me up and push me to a magical world-or maybe the finish line of the never-ending five mile hike.
 Eventually, we stopped by a little stream and had a picnic lunch, where I ate a cheese and bread sandwich and had some chocolate, then I went into the meadows and ran around, of course, mom, aka Dani BP took this candid photo of my frolicking.
 Money Growing Trees
 How many times has a teacher told us "You need to work hard and get a job, money doesn't grow on trees." or a parent said "No, you can't have those shoes, they're too expensive, money doesn't grow on trees, you know." Well, looks like I've proved them wrong. What the picture above shows is the rare money-growing tree, found in Northern England, though humans are still in denial of it's existense, for the acceptance of this species would mean the retirement of a common phrase.

 When we first spotted this tree, I was amazed and my imagination went crazy. Middle rascal, not so much, she was quite frightened by it, and ran away.
Sheep in the Yorkshire Dales
Young Rascal


  1. Hey Young Rascal do you think the word "nettlesome" comes from those painful plants? I think it may have based on your experiences. Thank you for another interesting dispatch.

  2. Well boo on the nettles, yay on the frolicking, and get mom to buy you those shoes!

  3. Hi YR - I seems like I spoke too soon, you DID have another encounter with those pesky nettles. I don't know what to tell you, except maybe wear heavy-duty gloves.

    I hope that your next hike/day trip is nettle-free!

  4. Those pesky nettles, seeing the money growing tree must have been worth it though!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. I am wondering if the sheep have some advice as to how to avoid the nettles? Tell Mom and Dad to lean in very close to it and pay very close attention to what it has to say...

    You have gone quite wild there and I can only applaud! I am very much in the camp that one needs to go about being as exuberant as one possibly can. It makes up for nettles, bothersome homework assignments and hives! Can't wait for the next dispatch!

  6. Wishing and HopingJuly 3, 2014 at 6:52 PM

    All that wonderful scenery must be making the nettle stings slightly more bearable YR.
    Maybe take a little vinegar with you on your walks next time.
    We use vinegar to take away the pain of jelly fish stings In Australia. It does help.

    You look extremely carefree and happy YR frolicking amongst the grasses of the dales.
    I hope your mummy made the most of doing the same! :) Such a wonderful feeling.

    Keep up the great reporting and sleuthing on all those "mysterious treasures" you're discovering.

  7. Young Rascal, you are so much fun to read!

  8. Perhaps you might consider gloves?
    We had a major mosquito bite festival on our boating weekend...Afterbite is our new best friend!
    I hope they have some kind of antidote for your nettle attack.

  9. The photo of you in the field is something Monet would paint. A simply gorgeous image. I wish it were me :) .

  10. Young Rascal, You have made the English countryside come alive! You write very well. I love the photo of you.

  11. Do mosquitoes like you as much as nettles seem too? :)

  12. Lovely post... The nature is beautiful. We've never been up north of England, but your posts certainly make us considering it.

  13. Can't wait for the unicorn photo.

    You could try some baking soda on the stings, with water a a paste.

  14. Too fun!! Dani BP frolicking...I love to see it!!

  15. natures nurse: the common docken leaf will remove the pain that nettle stings create

  16. Anon is right YR. Dock leaf scrunched up and the 'juice' rubbed on to the affected area will calm the sting. They are to be found growing in close proximity to the nettles and have large flat trowel shaped leaves.

    Watch out for the ticks that live in rough grass and bracken on the moors and hills!