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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sharing Brora Stories

Brora cashmere stole with some MaiTai lavender sachets.
Brora Blog
I'm so excited about the competition that Brora is holding right now, it's fun and easy.  Here's what you can do: share a picture of a favourite piece of Brora cashmere along with a story of why this particular piece has been a treasured item in your wardrobe.  Perhaps it is a cozy cardigan that has been worn dozens of times with your favourite frocks, or a warm scarf that is a constant cold-weather friend, or a polo neck jumper that you rely on to wear under jackets in autumn.

I have many cozy items I could write about (and I share the story behind my treasured Fair Isle accessories on the Brora Blog today, please read that here), but I have to highlight this cashmere stole as well. It is one of the very first items I ever bought from Brora, oh gosh more than seven years ago now!
I remember bringing it to Paris with me in 2010, my very first visit to the city.  In fact it was the centre of my travel wardrobe, I paired it with a mauve handbag, lots of black separates and a white tuxedo shirt.
I've worn the stole at Christmas time with my velvet Brora dress in shades of green and blue, and with navy basics during the cold spring months.  The stole compliments a navy and ivory Breton stripe top beautifully!
This cashmere stole is truly a Brora item "For Life", one that doesn't wear out or become tired looking, just a steadfast wardrobe companion.

I continue to be fascinated by the colour, it is a frosty plum, or a dark aubergine, that somehow seems both neutral and jewel-like at the same time. It almost changes colour depending on what it is paired with.
Brora cashmere stole with a Hermes Maxi Twilly.
JCrew aqua barrette. 
 I love it with shades of blue and purple, as above.  I often wear it with this Hermes Maxi Twilly and an aqua hair barrette from JCrew.

When paired with lavender it almost becomes charcoal rather than a dark plum:
With a Brora cropped cardigan in lavender.
 When paired with a brilliant cobalt blue it looks nearly brown:
With a long Brora jumper in cobalt blue.
How is the colour such a chameleon?  Well, Brora is certainly famous for their cashmere colours, they are layered, complex, reflect the Scottish countryside and stand the test of time.

If you have a piece of Brora that you just adore please enter the #aBroraForLife competition.  You could win a generous gift card or a treat as a runner-up gift.  The best part is that Brora fans the world over will be able to read the stories of other fans of the brand.  I for one can't wait to see the pictures and read the stories that people submit.

Enter HERE.

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  1. Dani, Just read your story! Love the photos and you look so cute in the Fair Isle pattern. I think I need to add a cute cap like that to my wardrobe. I hope you win! xx Kim

  2. What a wonderful story. It takes real talent to write about clothing the way you do.