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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Gardens at Langdon Hall

 The gardens at Langdon Hall were designed within the British tradition and have a sprawling, Victorian feel.  On our recent getaway we took a tour around the grounds even though the morning was icy, overcast and cold.

We normally tuck right in to the hotel in the winter months (they do cozy very well) but somehow, despite the cold, the gardens still looked enchanting, especially the woods beyond.
 This post is quite picture heavy, and I have to tell you I'm still kicking myself for forgetting my real camera at home.  I hope you can still get a feeling for the look of these gardens in winter... and for the next seasons that lie in wait (thanks to a little adventurous side trip into the greenhouses).

The weather vane at the peak of the stable lofts is magnificent, we stayed in one of the lofts last summer and the views over the property are beautiful.
Weather vane.

Approaching the woods.

Garden arbour.

One of the greenhouses.
 The opposite side of the greenhouse, facing the Cloister, is in fact a beautiful old stone wall:

 Here is the a view of the Cloister from the greenhouse, this is where we stayed on this trip.  The rooms in this building are large and private, with wood-burning fireplaces and beautiful bathrooms.  Perfect for a winter getaway.
The Cloister, view from the greenhouses.
There's something about the bareness of the garden in the winter, it's quite beautiful.

Furious looking Roman god type face on the interior wall.
The greenhouse is filled with all of the materials used by the hotel in spring and summer.  I have to say I recognized some of the plants and containers from our visits in the warmer months.
 The plants were thriving, it's always so thrilling to enter a warm, humid greenhouse on an icy winter morning.

In flower.

I recognized the ferns from the summer.

Lots of rosemary for the kitchen. 
 Here, below, we have MrBP having a proper look around.
I'll tell you how it goes on an occasion such as this:
ME:  "We're not allowed in here, it's for hotel employees only."
MrBP:  "Nah, there are no such rules! If there are I'm sure they could be interpreted a number of different ways."
MrBP, interpreter of law.
 While I may not have the nerve to just barrel through the behind-the-scenes buildings on my own, I do appreciate it.  Even if these buildings aren't meant for guests, everything just looks so charming and organized.
 This red watering can was my favourite!
 Eventually we left the greenhouses and headed for the woods to do a little walk around, passing the pool house and more gardens along the way.

 A last look at the woods before heading back to the Cloister:
We'll be visiting Langdon Hall again in late April and I'm so looking forward to taking pictures of the gardens in early spring.  It might be early for planting but everything should look green and promising.


  1. Love the geese and the greenhouses - are the dogs still there? Gorgeous photos - ah, what a wonderful retreat! I assume they were able to accommodate a plant-based diet? Have a great day, full rain here yuck Anna26x

    1. Anna I was looking for the dogs but I couldn't find them. I didn't see them last year either, come to think of it. :( Oh yes a special diet is no problem, but we still eat fish so it's never very difficult to find something on a good menu. The food is amazing.
      Ugh it's been raining constantly here, terrible flooding along the Grand River! xxx

  2. Just gorgeous. The simplicity and patina.

    1. Lisa you would love this place, if you ever travel up to Ontario it's a must. I'll meet you at the bar and treat you to lunch! Thanks Lisa xxx

  3. How beautiful. I think I have a gift certificate for a weekend there that we were gifted. I really ought to locate it! I hear the food is terrific too. Xx

    1. Jen, WHAT. Get there asap! For a weekend? You'll feel you were away for a week, it's the nicest hotel we have ever stayed at. So nice that it is half an hour from our house, but it's not far for you either.
      The food is AMAZING. Book a room in the main house for your first visit! xxx

  4. Magical place in the snow and I love your husband's attitute to rules (PS: I too would poke around the places I'm not supposed to be in - "behind the scenes" provides just as much, if not more, interest to me at house museums).

    1. CD oh yes you two would be quite the pair! I'm always trying to stop him with no success. But then it is fun so in the end I'm a happy rule-breaker. :) Thanks CD xxx

  5. I love "behind the scenes" - always so interesting.


    1. slf it is and especially when it's so organized and charming! The greenhouses must be very old buildings, with their stone walls etc. Beautiful ! Thanks slf xxx

  6. YES! to the beauty of the bones of a garden in winter.

    I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time as an assistant curator - behind the scenes (and in the stacks) was always more fascinating to me.

    Whenever I've travelled with my mother, we've always stopped and fossicked around in second hand shops, house museums and graveyards (or anywhere that looked like it might be interesting. There is always a story). Best Beloved is quite happy to do this as well, so another sign that he's a keeper!

    1. Erika yes that is a good sign!
      I'm pretty happy my hubs is like this because I wouldn't have the nerve to do things like go into the hotel greenhouse. I always have more fun when I'm with him.
      Wow what a fascinating job, assistant curator, that sounds like a dream.
      Thank you Erika xxx

  7. Love the photos - what charming gardens they are in snow, so I can only imagine how pretty they are in Summer. Laughing at Mr BP, is this some sort of lawyer arguing thing? My husband always does the same thing. The other day he told me that I was a goody-goody because of my strict interpretation of rules (as he sees it). Not sure what that says about him, but it made me laugh a bit xx

    1. Heidi it sounds like you have a similar dynamic with your husband! Ha, it's pretty funny. I'm the rule-follower for sure! This property is really gorgeous in the summer, like something from another time. I'll be back in the spring and in the summer so I'll be sure to take photos... with my real camera! Thanks Heidi xxx

  8. Oh how delightful it all looks in the snow Dani. The geese are picture perfect, and that red watering can speaks of heritage and things long ago. I know I'd love this place too: old stone walls, weather vane, woods and arbour - love it all!