"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mop Philosophy Monday

New statue in the garden.
 Who doesn't like the gentle look of St. Francis of Assisi?  I feel like we could use more of his vibes in the world these days.
Speaking of a gentle but wise take on things, did you see Laura Bush's op-ed in The Washington Post?  I was somewhat encouraged when I read it, especially when she brings up the example of her mother-in-law Barbara Bush.
 I've been spending lots of time in our garden lately.  Some of our plants suffered from the various ice storms we had this past winter and we lost a few things.  We've replaced plants and nurtured others and planted some annuals in the window boxes of the garden shed.
Purple shamrock annuals.
 I like the way Rebecca looks behind the flowering irises:
 How was your Father's Day?  I missed my Dad but we had a lovely chat and just knowing that he is just about fully recovered from his stroke made for a really happy Father's Day.

I bought some new statues for MrBP.  He loves them:
New Lions for the garden.
There's one on the other side too.
 It has taken us three years to finish these stone steps which lead to our kitchen.  See the iron railing?  We finally had that installed last fall and then just had to decide what to place on the stone pillars.  In the end we went for statuary over an urn, an urn would stand empty for most of the year due to our long winters.
Winter seems a distant memory now and the best part of the heat and sunshine in our garden is hanging laundry out to dry, one of my favourite activities.

I'll definitely be doing some of that today, what are you up to?


  1. I love garden urns and statues popped in amongst the plants. Your laundry drying in the sunshine reminds me of the days when I hung out all the freshly washed diapers. It was one of my favourite things to do when the children were babies...I do not have a clothes line anymore. Beautiful iris, that shade is so intense against the greenery. 💙

    1. Hostess me too I love the intensity of the iris. They are doing a bit better this year, it's funny what can suffer in the garden one year due to winter and then not the next. This past winter was very hard on our evergreens, we lost some yew bushes and we've had to take extra care of our boxwood.
      Love that image of the diapers on the clothesline! xxx

  2. I'm mid flight, headed out to meetings in another state. Wishing I was home puttering in my yard. I love the way sheets smell after hanging in the sun to dry! You are lucky to have a clothesline. Your garden looks delightful, Dani. I'm sure you get a lot of joy from spending time there.

    1. SD it's very peaceful and I appreciate it so much after the long winter we had... which seemed like it would never end.
      You're very busy travelling these days. I hope it goes well and have a safe trip home! xxx

  3. I'm a heathen but my cat is named Francis (after the saint and Franz Schubert), so I would really like to find a garden statute of St. Francis with cats. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Hex I saw so many cat statues when we were shopping for the lions! Such a good name for your cat and I like the origins. :) xxx

  4. I HAVE SAINT FRANCIS in a SHOWER in my POWDER ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO, you have company!!!!!!