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C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Orleans

 We returned home from New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and it was a super fun holiday: lots of sunshine, lots of cocktails and lots of delicious food.
I thought I'd write a quick post featuring our favourite restaurants and bars... the places we'll go back to if we visit again.  
Jackson Square

Garden District

Black Dress Brigade in Jackson Square.
Me and my bestie pals The Lauras.

The Supreme Court of Louisiana
 There's a super little oyster bar right across the street from the Supreme Court.  We fell in love with the signature chargrilled oysters served all over town... so delicious with some cocktails.
Royal House Oyster Bar
 I loved the lighting in that spot too:
 Perhaps our most memorable evening was at Commander's Palace.  We had spent the morning touring the Garden District (where the restaurant is located) and we were able to make a reservation for that evening.
I took the picture below, of these amazing wall panels, when we entered the building.  After that I simply forgot to take any pictures at all.  It was a really amazing experience, we were ushered in through a series of rooms and suddenly it was like we were in a film: perhaps The Great Gatsby or something.  The pace was fast, colourful, always moving.  Drinks flowed, plates for six arrived at the table with a flourish of perfect timing... it was all so wonderfully distracting and festive.
The wall panels at Commander's Palace in the entry.
 We spent a day at the National WW2 Museum which I would highly recommend.  There are so many good exhibits and you'll want to pause and celebrate liberty and freedom in their well-run restaurant.  We ordered Veuve Cliquot and ate some fried okra with crab salad:
The American Sector Restaurant and Bar
 Pat O'Briens is a famous landmark bar in New Orleans.  It was the number one place people recommended we visit, and I can understand why.  The whole place has the spirit of a New Orleans good time.  We spent some time on their terrace drinking cocktails, meeting some other tourists and just generally having a laugh.
 My friends were drinking the signature Hurricanes but I stuck to my usual white wine.  I wanted to avoid passing out under the table.
Sorry no Hurricanes for me.

Fire fountain in the terrace at Pat O'Brien's.
 I absolutely loved our dinner at Superior Seafood in Uptown New Orleans.  It was a bit of a cab ride but totally worth it.  Such a fun atmosphere and the food was excellent.  I particularly loved the bar:
The bar at Superior Seafood.
 If you love jazz you have to make your way over to Frenchman Street.  We walked up from our hotel  at around 11pm and the whole street was hopping.  Our favourite was The Spotted Cat:
Late night at The Spotted Cat.
 On the last day of our visit we ended with the most wonderful and civilized lunch at Galatoire's.  You must go here for lunch if you are in New Orleans on holiday, you will not be disappointed.
Classic shrimp cocktail at Galatoire's.
 The fish in the lemon-butter caper sauce was to die for.  Order it for your main course!
Lemon Caper Sauce at Galatoire's.
I'll have to write a post about my packing up for this trip, of course I panicked at the last minute and added some lighter clothes.  It was a good thing I did as it was super-hot and sunny the entire time we were there.
I hope that you've been well and up to something fun.