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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Travel Colour Story: Simple Black and White

 I've just finished packing up for my trip to Atlanta and it is a super simple black and white colour story.
It's an easy time of year to travel out of Canada: spring has finally arrived so I can get away with a light coat for the travel days of my trip.
This coat by Weekend MaxMara has been so good, it's perfect in the rain of course but it also hangs well and has a cute bow detail, very subtle in the quilting.
 I'll wear some black trousers on the flight:
 A scarf breaks up all the black:
 The Smythson Antonia bag is great for holding travel papers, books, anything I might need during the flight.
Still my favourite black bag.
 I'll only bring two pairs of shoes for this trip, one being the versatile Ferragamo Vara flat in black patent:

 It's meant to be lovely, warm and sunny in Atlanta so of course I'll bring a couple of dresses.
 This Mara Hoffman dress is really versatile, it will work with the patent flats and structured handbag but it also plays well with a black straw bag and some black boat shoes.

Kayu bag.

Kiel James Patrick boat shoes in black.
Can't believe they're not making these anymore!
 I'm pretty excited about this next outfit because guys I finally found some white jeans that don't look hideous on me:
 They are the mid-rise skinny ankle jean in "bone" by Everlane.  Great fabric (clean denim), great fit, great price.

The black linen shirt-tunic thing I'm wearing with them was meant to be a dress, if you can believe it.    That doesn't work for me, it's too short and also slightly sheer, no thanks.
I like it as an oversized top though.
 You can see it barely covers my butt, I'd have to shrink by about a foot to wear this as a dress:
 I'm packing up a black and white gingham dress from Ralph Lauren that was a sale buy last year.  I love the slightly balloon sleeve and the contrast collar:
 And of course I've always loved a gingham dress:
 For the flight home I've packed a black and ivory polo from Winser London, to be worn with the black trousers and spring coat.
Voila, a super simple black and white colour story for a visit with family.
Thank you for all of your comments on my last post.  My Dad is doing really well, just home from hospital and recovering quickly.  He's been working so hard at his therapies and it's really paying off.
Hope you and yours are well,


  1. This is perfect, Dani. You have so many textures and fabrics in this travel wardrobe. I'm so glad the Everlane jeans worked for you. They look great with that top, er dress :) The scarf is the perfect accent. I'm curious about how you keep your bag safe on flights. I worry about putting my nice bags under the seat. I've seen travelers with an extra cloth bag that they place their nice leather bag into before stowing it.

    I'm thrilled to hear your dad is doing better. Have a wonderful visit!

    1. SD I have to say I should be more careful with my bags when I travel, I just stow them under the seat in front of me when I have to. The Smythson leather is very sturdy though, I've used this bag constantly for six years and it shows very little age. It's similar in toughness to LV epi leather, which is like armour.
      Thanks so much SD xxx

  2. Hi Dani, your travel wardrobe is lovely, I would wear everything - except the black would be navy blue! 😊

    I must say I think your Antonia bag is your most beautiful bag - it's so ladylike and elegant, yet useful. I didn't know that it came with a cross-body strap. I like SunnyDay's suggestion of bringing a cloth bag to protect it.

    Best wishes to your dad, have a lovely visit with him - bon voyage!

    1. Patricia it does have a strap which I never use, I don't even bring it with me, I use it as a top handle bag. It's a nice feature though.
      This would be perfect in navy too :)
      Thanks so much for your good wishes xxx

  3. Your wardrobe is fabulous! I love when you write about your clothes because I gain so much inspiration. My style is traditional and classic and I enjoy reading how others put together outfits that would work for me. Thanks for recommending the Everyone white jeans- I have been on the look out for just this very thing. Love, love, love the photo of you as a little girl in gingham!! So delighted your dad is recovering well. Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks Dana! Your feedback is appreciated, it seems people either really like a colour story or say WHY. ;) It's something I would like to read too. Cannot believe how good the Everlane white denim is, it's the perfect ivory shade too and not see-through at all.
      I just found that photo which was taken at my Grandmother's house by the looks of it. That dress! Thanks Dana xxx

  4. Those are great pieces. I loved your post on sustainable fashion. I have to buy very cheap colourful shirts for filming and they are terrible quality. I can't imagine shopping like that all the time. I need to give them away while they are still in season so someone less persnickety than me can enjoy them. I'm so glad your dad is recovering. Enjoy your visit. XO

    1. Thanks Jen. Ugh so frustrating to have to buy the cheap shirts but I understand, at least you're passing them on though, you're doing your best with the situation. Happy you liked the post!
      Thank you Jen xxx

  5. Love the ensembles and that's great news about your Dad. I hope you have a fabulous visit.

  6. Love your outfits...so classyc and chic. All look very comfy for travel too...your father will be so pleased to have you visit. Hope he is on the mend.
    I wore my white jeans yesterday...they are NYDJ brand and are so easy to wear...love the weight of them and the addition of spandex really helps!

    1. Hostess thank you, he is doing really well all things considered. xxx

  7. Such a great travel wardrobe Dani! Well done as always! I agree with the first comments--I'd hate for someone to kick that lovely bag or worse, drop a muffin and have it roll backwards and attach its stickiness to Antonia. Shudder!

    So glad to hear your dad is getting better--praying for him! I'm sure healing will come even faster knowing he'll have you with him...Enjoy! Danielle

    1. Thanks Danielle, don't worry I'll keep Antonia safe ;)
      Dad is recovering really well, he's a very determined guy! Thank you xxx

  8. you look so cute in that outfit - i can't get away with it. Safe trip to Atlanta and hope your dad is getting stronger by the day xx

  9. OFF YOU GO IN STYLE!DO hope your FATHER is on the mend.......as you can see I'm behind!

  10. So glad to hear your dad is improving. I'm sure he's working hard to have a great visit with you. You will look stylish as ever with your perfect travel capsule. Safe travels, Dani. -Julie

  11. What a cutie you were! (No surprise there, of course!) Have a wonderful trip with your Dad...so glad he's recovering! Thanks for another fabulous colour story! Very happy to hear the Everlane's are not see through...I will have to try them.