Monday, March 30, 2020

Mop Philosophy Monday

 My quarantine from travel was up on Saturday and I was able to go on an essential outing: to the grocery store.  Never has a trip to the grocery store been so thrilling and nerve wracking at the same time.  (In case you're wondering about the phrase nerve wracking, as opposed to nerve racking, you can read one take on it here.)

The store itself was very well organized and I had my own system of gloves and Lysol wipes to get me through my shopping.  We were meant to follow arrows and keep well away from other shoppers, and this was easy to do as they limited the number of people allowed in the store at once.

In Ontario we are all under order to be sheltered at home with our own household members only, without exception.  One person is meant to be designated as the person who acquires the necessities: groceries and medications.
Cooking Lentils
 I was surprised by how well-stocked the store actually was, there were plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of everything really, with the exception, of course, of toilet paper.
 I have a system for bringing the groceries into the house when I arrive home, and it wasn't my idea, I watched a youtube tutorial about it.

I altered the doctor's method slightly, I left the plastic grocery bags outside and brought items in one by one, disinfecting and removing plastic packaging as I went.  It took forever.  Then at the end I brought all of the plastic to the garbage bins in the garage.
My very favourite olive oil.
I can only buy it at one store, which has been deemed non-essential and closed.
I'm using it sparingly these days.
 Today I'll cook our remaining potatoes by boiling them in water and a little salt until they are cooked through and of mashing consistency.  I like to mash them with the remaining cooking water, the finely chopped raw kale, and some olive oil or butter.  This is my version of an old Irish dish, Colcannon.
Lentils and Colcannon.
It's delicious served with some lentils or cooked white beans with fresh herbs.

I've had a migraine since last evening so I'll be trying to repair my body from that today: lots of water, carrot juice and fresh fruit along with a nap.

How are you feeling today?  Are you following the news very closely or taking a break?  Do you have a designated person for sourcing essentials?
Love, Dani xox