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C.S. Lewis

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paris Can Wait

 The Rascals and MrBP cleared out of here at about 7am yesterday, leaving behind the quietest house imaginable in comparison!
It was an absolutely freezing day too, so good on them to get out and ski in it.
I had a day to putter around and sort things in the house.  I took a day that felt like the luxury of Christmas week to a tee, putting away Christmas presents and sorting out my beauty supplies for the new year.
MrBP gifted me a new scarf for Christmas, the "Fleur de Giverny", and he even themed the gift with a book about Claude Monet's garden at Giverny.
 Have you ever been to see Monet's Water Lilies at Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris?  We've been a couple of times, it will definitely change the way you think about the paintings.  I can't wait to get into the book!
Organized my nail polish.
Looks like it will be a pastel-ish year.
 After getting my kitchen organized and running to the market for a few things for dinner I decided to tuck into the family room with a fire on and watch a movie (perhaps a fluffy one).  I'd noticed Paris Can Wait on Netflix and it looked like the sort of movie no one else in the family would ever agree to watch with me, and it takes place in France, what could be better?
It was quite an engaging movie and it surprised me a bit, I have to say.  I really liked it.  Interesting too, it was written and directed by Eleanor Coppola, and here's a little interview with her in Vogue about the movie if you're interested.
I cooked up a huge dinner for the skiers including a little apres ski snack with some good red wine for their arrival home.  Those Rascals were all hungry and I managed to sneak so many vegetables into them!
After dinner we watched what will probably be the end of the Christmas movies for this year: the movie Love Actually.  I have to say there were many droopy eyelids after being out in that cold air all day.
Today we'll be going to visit Poppa to bring him some supplies and to meet the newest member of the clan, his puppy Sophie!  She came home with him on Boxing Day and we've all been so excited about her.  Hopefully I'll get some good pictures.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. http://www.highlandsnordic.ca/ Highlands Nordic - about 1.5 hours from Guelph - a beautiful drive and the club is like stepping back into 1950. We used to go every Saturday - beautifully groomed trails - you don't have to be a member but you have to buy a pass - well worth it. You can drive through Singhampton where there is an amazing bakery and restaurant called Haisai Restaurant and Bakery (huge outdoor pizza oven). The area is adorable - cute shops in Cremore if I remember correctly. I always felt like I had been away for days - you can bring your lunch to the club and have their coffee which is fun. Check it out - very very lovely. I have been watching The Crown and The Royal House of Windsor (documentary) but thank you for the suggestion of Paris Can Wait - lovely scarf! We are staying at Deer Lodge right down the road from Chateau Lake Louise. I worked there 150 years ago - owned by a family, very cozy (we are in the cheapest rooms in the old part), hot tub that looks out at the Victoria Glacier, bus that goes down to the mountain every morning and FAR more reasonable for a family than the Chateau. The great thing is that we can hang out at the Chateau, at the lake and then come back and sit around the fireplace at Deer Lodge. And, the cross country ski trails leave right from the lodge - I will be renting at the Chateau. The last time we went I passed out and had to be hauled out on the skidoo the rangers use to haul out dead animals. I will make sure that this DOES NOT happen again! Have a great week! Anna26x

    1. Anna thanks for that, we'll be planning a day trip to Highlands Nordic that sounds so wonderful. Thank you for all of the tips including bringing a lunch!
      Deer Lodge sounds like just the place too, I've looked at the Chateau but to bring our family, oy vey what am I a Rockefeller? So spendy. Cannot believe you passed out and were hauled away, laughing at the skidoo and the rangers though.
      You must have needed a snack! Have a lovely time and no rangers. xx

  2. Anna, what a lovely holiday. How are the ice sculptures at the Chateau? Someday I'll stay at Deer Lodge.
    Be careful about the Cross-Country skiing –– it is so cold and you could go hypothermic really quickly.

    I myself am about to brave the cold and take my new little lens outside to take a few photos.
    I should be able to pick up the lens, a replacement for the one I broke and that the insurance company, is covering today or tomorrow.

    The scarf looks lovely, the book very interesting. it is rather nice to have a day to oneself even if busy with cleaning, sorting, and cooking. The film sounds wonderful. Ann

    1. Ann I always like that kind of day, on my own agenda! How fortunate you have the insurance to cover your broken lens. Hope your photo jaunt went well. Stay warm. xx

  3. I love a day like that, so much is achieved! I too am favouring the pastels in nail varnish, which will commence with a pedi when we return to the tropics in a week or so. Love your vege snacks; I could learn a lot from you Dani. Yes have seen the Monet waterlilies in Paris, and love your gift. Well done Mr BP.

    1. Patricia it's true MrBP outdid himself with the themed gift, so thoughtful!
      My favourite of those nail colours is the pale green, my husband's Aunt was wearing it at a dinner a few weeks ago and I shamelessly copied her! It's called Highline I believe.
      Enjoy the rest of your Canadian holiday! xx

  4. I've saved that movie on my To Watch list. It looked promising. L'Orangerie is perhaps my favourite museum. It's not too crowded and the lilies space is sublime. Beautiful scarf. Xx