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Thursday, February 8, 2018

He Said She Said

Have you read this book "He Said She Said" by Erin Kelly?

The Telegraph named it one of the best books of 2017, and as far as a suspense novel goes, it is very clever.
This is exactly the kind of novel I don't normally read, which really highlights the brilliance of book clubs (this is the pick for my Fun Book Club this month).  Book clubs do help one get past the genres they normally stick to, out of habit perhaps more than preference.

Ingrid chose this book, and quite rightly pointed out that the topic would be an interesting one considering the movement through so many industries, and in so many countries, examining ideas of sexual consent.  We'll have a good discussion around this book, that's for sure!

 Even though I found it riveting, I can't even say that I absolutely loved it, I found some of the dialogue a bit annoying at times.  Of course it all became clear at the end, and I felt a bit shocked at the tangled web of suspense and the "reveal".  Quite masterful storytelling!

You can read a review of this book, and information about the author, in The Guardian here.

Do you read suspense novels?  Have any recommendations for me, classic or contemporary?
I have to say, a suspenseful novel is one interesting  way to get through the winter!

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