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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Family Room Dinner

 Sometimes I just want to cook something that almost has the feeling of a good, filling snack, perfect to share around the family room while we watch a movie or a documentary.

Hummus is a perfect anchor to this meal.

My hummus is a little different because I don't use tahini, typically a main ingredient of the dish.  I don't care for the taste of tahini, to me it has a bitter undertone.  I substitute hemp hearts and sunflower seeds.

Hummus, Tahini-Free

Half cup each of hemp hearts and sunflower seeds, processed to a fine crumble.
Add a 14oz can of drained and rinsed chickpeas AND
1 clove garlic
Quarter cup of fresh lemon juice
Quarter cup of olive oil
Dash of ground cumin
Further process all until you reach a lovely smooth consistency.
Tip into a bowl, swirl the top with a spoon, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika.
Leave to sit at room temperature please, it's much nicer that way.

I made an olive flatbread to pair with the hummus, using Polestar Hearth's delicious pizza dough.

 Roll out the dough, press in loads of pitted kalamata olives, sprinkle with herbes de Provence and a little olive oil, bake at 375 until puffed and golden:
 I have been endlessly reading carrot recipes online and I found this really nice carrot and seed loaf that is in fact delicious.
HERE is the recipe.
 It's so simple, very few ingredients, and as I was preparing it I was thinking, how is this going to turn into a loaf-type thing?  But indeed it does.  It makes brilliant leftovers too, it's even good cold for lunch!
 I'm definitely cooking it up for Easter lunch, where I will serve it with potatoes, a vegetarian gravy and lots of side vegetables.
Family Room Dinner
Hummus, olive flatbread
Carrot loaf, celeriac and parsley salad
It's so nutritious too, packed with protein and mineral-rich seeds and nuts, all of those good fats combined with the carrots: yummy.
If you are a vegetarian or a lover of carrots I encourage you to try it, once again here is the brilliant recipe.
Have a good day today Tooties,


  1. I must know how you make vegetarian gravy!

    1. SD I'm working on a recipe! Often a vegetarian gravy involves mushrooms but Lil Rascal doesn't like them so I'm trying one with a vegetable base consisting mostly of celery and shallots. There will be wine in there too... or maybe brandy! ;) xxx

  2. Everything looks so vibrant and fresh looking. I’ll have to make your hummus with the hemp hearts and sunflower seeds. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Alicia try it, it's a very nice hummus. So healthy too. xxx

  3. Uurgh, this all looks amazing, I practically live on hummus when I'm not scarfing Greek Yoghurt, seeds nuts and bread. I like tahini but am always up for a new hummus recipe.Your flatbread looks so delicious. I haven't tried hemp hearts, I tried hemp bread but it was a bit stinky! I'm going to look at the carrot loaf recipe, I'm almost drooling here.