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C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nice Outfits Guys

 Have you watched the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country?

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.  Be sure not to watch it alone though, you'll want to sit next to someone so you can look at each other in confusion and astonishment.

MrBP thought it was hilarious that one of the things I found most offensive about the behaviour of the cult members was their outfits.  
Really, guys?  You're going to give up your individual freedom to the extent that you'll wear hideous shades of purple, pink and red all mashed together at once?
But look, the leader didn't have to wear the outfits.
 The whole thing is so ridiculous that it is just incredible, and this is a true story.  There are many dark twists and turns and the accessorizing of the outfits with rifles, as below, is just one hint of that darkness.
The whole thing beggars belief!

Have you watched it yet? Planning to?
Stay free,


  1. I watched it as soon as it came out! I lived through all this, I live here in Oregon and have been out to Antelope. The people who lived there at the time went through hell with these people invading their remote lifestyle. One summer I was on a raft drip down the John Day River, and you could see these Rashneese people up on the ridge watching us. Creepy!

  2. This is by far one of the best documentaries I have ever watched!
    Last episode tonight, I've been off looking up all of the characters to see where they are now, their achievements of setting up a city with an airport, a dam, a theatre, beauty salons, commercial businesses et al were quite incredible as was the wealth of talent and creativity, not to mention riches of so many of the sannyasins. I do wish it had shown more of the Baghwan's spiritual philosophies.
    Sheela was quite terrifying, what a poisonous, destructive and far reaching love affair she brewed in her cauldron.
    Vava - how awful, it must have been utter hell for the people of Antelope.
    Also fascinating is US law, how a group can actually legally set up a city. Law can be quite mesmerising, you can pass that on to your learned hubby!

    PS. I couldn't have coped with wearing orange/red everyday, it would have made me ill, find me a white cult and I'm in!


    1. Tabitha, you're right about Sheela. She was/is a real menace. I guess she's living in Switzerland now - good riddance! (But poor Switzerland!). I had buried a lot of my memories of this era, but the documentary brought them back to the surface.

    2. Vava, it was a really interesting era, without doubt I'd have been a hippy flower child!

  3. I will give it a try. Not something I would typically want to watch. But I’m always looking for something that I can watch with my husband! Alicia :)

  4. I've heard a couple of people rave about this. It is a strange world out there, isn't it. Xx