"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Fiddlehead season is over and once again I haven't lived up to my solemn vow to eat lots of fiddleheads while the going is good.  Instead, we had them exactly one time.

This season I really wanted to incorporate fiddleheads into some kind of pizza topping.  I tend to like them roasted rather than steamed or saut√©ed so this was a good method, and the pairing with smoked salmon (lots of it) and plenty of capers was perfect.

I buy our pizza dough now from our favourite bakery, it's just so much better than my homemade stuff, and the purchased dough made this a really easy dinner.  This might be my favourite sort of dinner to throw together theses days, because I literally threw the toppings on the rolled dough and shoved it in the oven.

A nice sprinkling of a good olive oil over the top meant the fiddleheads were crispy and not charred.

I'm having one of those phases in the kitchen when I need inspiration... it's time to hit the cookbooks today.
If you have any easy dinner ideas please share them!