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Friday, February 9, 2018

Emerson Fry Leopard Coat

 I promised my friend Janet that I would post a few pictures and a review of the Emerson Fry Leopard Coat.
It's a classic, it's a statement piece, and a wardrobe investment all rolled into one.
 I ordered mine last summer and then waited patiently (ish) for it to arrive.  Emerson Fry manufactures their clothing in New York and while they have nearly a full run of sizes in stock right now you can also occasionally pre-order items based on their anticipated release.

My initial reaction when my coat arrived was that this is a highly tailored piece of clothing.  From the model photos I thought it might be slouchier and kind of loose.  In fact it is very tailored through the shoulders and arms and can be buttoned for a neat look, or left open to appear a little more casual.
 The belgian linen used for this piece is absolutely stunning.  It is nubbly and thickly woven, yet takes the ivory and black colouration so well.
It is fully lined in what I thought was acetate from the satin finish but is in fact polyester.  I'm not sure if that will make this coat difficult to wear in warmer temperatures, I'll have to test that out this summer.
 I ordered a size 4 which is my true size in most American brands (Theory, Brooks Brothers, Tory Burch).  The fit is perfect through the shoulders and the arm length is also spot on.
 I was a bit worried this would be too boxy through the body based on the model photos but the fit on me is fairly close.  Of course I'm also wearing my thickest winter layers under this, I took these photos yesterday when I was freezing, there was no way I was changing into my summer pants and shirt.
 I seem to be moving towards wearing lots of black and some ivory all throughout the year and this coat has the ability to anchor a very monochrome wardrobe and give it some interest.  I'll wear it over black pants and flats.

 I also love this look, below.  A leopard coat over an ivory dress and black heels, just perfection.
You can see lots of black and ivory looks,  including these images (and their sources) on my Next Decade Wardrobe Pinterest Page.
Happy Friday!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Coat and Scarf

 Unless you're doing a Year of No Shopping (and perhaps there is no one writing more eloquently on this subject than Ann Patchett in the NYT) this is a great time to purchase some coats.
I have less clothes now than I have had in many years, and I'm not quite sure how it happened but I've gone into uniform mode, most especially in the cold months.  I tend to wear pretty much the same outfit every day: black pants, very slim and made of a Ponte fabric (of which I own two pairs) with a black crew neck or turtleneck sweater ( I own one of each, it's not a lot of clothes).  Over this I wear a long cardigan of black boiled wool around the house (I am always cold) with Glerups slippers, and to go out I wear boots, a coat and a scarf.
During Christmas week I did some shopping of the sales, buying a couple of coats from Boden (70% off, free shipping, duties all-in) and one from Club Monaco (again, 70% off, clearly this is the time of year to buy coats!)
I also replaced my black skirt suit.  I say replaced but I haven't had one for a couple of years and I don't feel quite right unless I have this type of suit, almost like an armour or protection, in my closet.
A black skirt suit, with very tailored, simple lines, is appropriate for so many situations.
The Boden coats are both in blue, which is a favourite colour of mine.  I love blue mixed with black, and with a colourful scarf the whole concept of a uniform base is transformed.  No one will notice you're wearing the same pants and sweater absolutely all the time, if you have a colourful coat and scarf over top.
MrBP is very talented at choosing scarves for me and when he wants to buy me a special gift this is the route he takes.  This scarf, my Christmas present from him, has a pale blue base with cobalt blue in the pattern and edging.
Incidentally those Boden coats have very fun linings, with piping and polka dots.

I myself am marking 2018 as a Year of No Shopping.  After looking at items I purchased during the last year, and perhaps more significantly items I tried to purchase, I'm fairly sick and tired of the whole online-shopping racket.  I returned nearly everything I purchased: what a waste of time, money and resources!  I've become increasingly picky while at the same time it seems quality has plummeted for many brands that were once my "go-to" shops.  And for whatever reason I am happiest with very few items, and happy to wear pretty much the same thing every day.

I wouldn't mind taking a couple of years off of buying anything new, truth be told.  I'm gearing up for 2020, when I enter my next decade and might be tempted to invest in something special.  What that is yet I don't have an idea, although I do have a style-planning Pinterest board on the subject, which is titled Next Decade Wardrobe.

We'll see how it goes.  It's best to approach an extended period of no-shopping with all of the items in your cupboard that you might need at the ready, this way you won't be annoyed with yourself for a lack of an outfit for whatever occasions arise.  Hence my new black skirt suit, the coats I bought on sale, and the undergarments I stocked up on in December as well (incidentally I was fitted for a bra for the first time ever and it changed my life: I recommend!)

As far as the next season goes, it seems I am an eternal optimist, I was looking at my summer clothes yesterday and I certainly have lots to wear in that category.  In the past years I usually buy new outfits around the time of my birthday in June, and for trips.  Then, due to our short summers, they don't get worn that often, which both preserves them and makes them seem new in my eyes.

How about you?  Are you embarking on a No Shop year?  Do you think it would be refreshing to save your time by skipping the scrolling through of the online shops?  I know my friend Jen is having a No Shop year, anyone else considering it?  Have you read the article by Ann Patchett?

Happy Friday!  My gosh, what happened to the week?